Emotion and MindThe gesture of a smile: the benefits of smiling and laughing

The gesture of a smile: the benefits of smiling and laughing

How many times do you smile a day? And to life? Do you smile at problems Discover what are the qualities of smiling and laughing in your day to day.

Have you ever wondered how many times you smile throughout the day? Surely there are many of us who get out of bed with the frown of the echo of stress itself thinking: today is Monday again, I am late for work and among all those thoughts we forget the simple gesture of stopping, raising our heads, say good morning and smile at life.

Yes, that gesture that is universal, such as the fact of smiling at the person next to us, hardly caring if we know him about something or not, or if we share common tastes. The truth is that we are all connected by an invisible thread.

That invisible thread that at any point in our life can unite us. We probably don’t even know deeply what the verb smile means. We all think: I do smile, and if we stop to count the times, we sadly realize that this is not the case.

Without realizing it, the rush corrupts us every minute from the moment we get out of bed until we return to it. We are continually giving our mind too much activity, since it itself works very well by itself.

We strive to please, and to like, to meet expectations, but are we really being true to ourselves? Is it really in this place where we want to be and with whom we want to be?

Everyone at some point in this beautiful trip that life offers us have said so far. Now I am going to do what I am really passionate about, regardless of the fears, what they will say and the repercussion because a path guided by the heart and the passion that it gives off will probably be more certain than one guided by the fears and what is supposed to be. It should be done.

It is time to start with the simplest but at the same time it seems to be the most complicated. Let’s look at the neighbor’s smile, let’s smile.

What does it mean to smile?

It is a simple gesture loaded with positive contributions. This improves your own mood and the mood of the person you unexpectedly stumble upon. Yes, that person who also has his problems and to whom we can change his day with just one gesture: smile.

This gesture as the act of offering a cheerful or joyful appearance or even laughing a little, slightly or without noise. How easy does that sound?

Smiling means showing a gesture of closeness, since it cuts that dividing line of tension and seriousness. Smiling means loving the other from a distance. Smiling means that you are here conscious and present.

What happens when, in addition to smiling, we laugh?

Neurologically, when a person really laughs, they release endorphins and dopamine, both neurotransmitters related to psychological well-being.

When a person laughs, their stress decreases, since their cortisol levels decrease.

Laughing helps cure depression and alleviate sadness, cleanses and ventilates the lungs, relaxes tense muscles, improves oxygenation of the brain, lowers blood pressure, relieves insomnia, enhances creativity and imagination … I could go on but Even so, after so much benefit, do you dare not to continue laughing?

The incredible benefits of laughter

That laughter is good for health there is no doubt. When we laugh we are happier at least for that moment. Currently the society in which we live and the rhythm of life that we carry out mean that we do not have many opportunities to laugh.

We are overwhelmed by worries to the point of not realizing that we could handle them better by putting a smile on our lives. When laughing, the brain secretes endorphins that act as a sedative for the brain, it is the pleasant sensation that laughing gives us.

Laughter is also a healthy anti-stress technique that frees us from the tensions that both the mind and the body can produce. The moment we give free rein to our laughter, we exercise by activating the muscles of the face and strengthening the muscular, cardiac, digestive, nervous and cerebral systems.

Currently, natural therapies are carried out to help people de-stress or forget their worries for a few moments, this therapy is known by the name of laughter therapy.

And what are those wonderful benefits? Take note:

  • Relaxation: helps us relax both physically and mentally. From a physical point of view, laughter relaxes the muscles of our body. From a mental point of view, did you know that 1 minute of laughter equals 45 minutes of relaxation?
  • Against stress and depression : in addition to helping us relax our body and mind, it is also ideal for reducing stress (by reducing the production of hormones that produce it) and is useful in the treatment of depression.
  • Beneficial against insomnia: laughter promotes relaxation, and therefore will also help us to rest better, which means that it is a good natural treatment against insomnia.
  • Low self-esteem: Laughter strengthens low self-esteem, so it is useful to increase self-esteem when we have low self-esteem.
  • Useful against constipation: thanks to the fact that it makes the liver vibrate, in turn facilitating digestion.

From here we encourage you to see the positive side of things and put a dose of laughter in your life, you will see how everything is going better for you.



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