Do you have high cholesterol and don’t know what diet to follow to lower it? We help you discover which the most suitable foods to lower cholesterol are.

With the consumption of saturated fats you tend to be more overweight and thus cholesterol increases. In this sense, high cholesterol can become a serious and important problem because in the long run it can have quite negative consequences for health, such as developing heart-related diseases.

It is considered that cholesterol begins to be elevated when total cholesterol is above 200 mg / dl, while the issue is serious when cholesterol reaches values ​​above 250 mg / dl. That is when we must diet to reduce it with the best fat-free foods.

Best foods to lower cholesterol

In addition to specifying which foods are best for reducing cholesterol, we must emphasize that the way we cook them also influences whether or not we can reduce it. For example, if we choose fried or frying cooking, it is always less healthy than if we steam, oven or grill food.

Fruits, vegetables and greens

Among these foods we find from grapes to oranges, through spinach orchard. They are totally recommended and beneficial foods to reduce cholesterol, and in addition to being much healthier. The advantage is that we can eat several times a day, in fact 2 to 3 pieces of fruit a day are recommended.

Cereals and derivatives and legumes

They are always optimal in the right measure, being also a source of vitamins and provide large amounts of fiber, which regulates the digestive system.

Lean meats and poultry without skin and lean

They are the best meats, unlike red and processed meats, which when consumed can greatly increase cholesterol.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish, especially blue fish, provide Omega 3 fatty acids that protect the heart and reduce bad cholesterol.


A handful of nuts a day is harmless and healthy, provided they are eaten in moderation.

Olive oil

It is rich in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, essential nutrients to clean the arteries.


They are rich in cynarin, which makes the gallbladder work more optimally and therefore reduces blood cholesterol levels.


It is a good product rich in fiber, which at the same time reduces cholesterol, and helps prevent the onset of constipation.

Cholesterol foods

Cholesterol can be found in foods of animal origin and rich in saturated fat. Therefore, we must monitor which foods are adequate and which are not so much.

Meat and sausages

As we have mentioned before, red meats, sausages and processed foods increase our cholesterol. This includes from the viscera, the pate, liver, tongue, brain…


Fish offal and roe are included. The most appropriate thing is to opt for oily fish, which although they have a high amount of fat, are healthy fats. Of course, without excesses.

Healthier fats

Lard, butter. These fats can be replaced by olive oils, margarine and seeds, which are good for your health.

High fiber foods

They go well because it decreases the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

Antioxidant foods

Foods that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E are recommended. Both vitamins also provide energy, strengthen the immune system and strengthen the body because they defend it from certain diseases.

Tips to lower cholesterol

Practicing a rich, healthy and varied diet will lower our cholesterol levels. In addition, the doctor will recommend us to follow a diet, which can be more or less strict, low in salt, sugars and fats. On the other hand, we will also be advised to change our dietary and lifestyle habits. And one option is to have cholesterol-free foods.

Exercising is part of the change in habits that they recommend. Because in the end everything is related because obesity usually comes out when consuming all kinds of ultra-processed foods and this generates hypertension, diabetes and a rise in cholesterol. Hence, it is advisable to exercise at least 3 days a week, continuously and regularly. You can walk, swim, dance and do somewhat less complicated exercises when going to the gym.


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