List of the best foods to gain weight and gain weight, especially suitable for those who want to gain weight with health.

As we mentioned in our article in which we offered you some tricks to gain weight with health, it is true that wanting to gain weight can be certainly unthinkable for many people, precisely because their intention is the opposite: lose weight and lose weight.  Especially if we take into account that obesity has become a true epidemic, which affects millions of people around the world every year.

But, although few, it is normal that those people with low weight who find it difficult to gain weight, want to gain weight to gain in constitution, especially when that low weight can be dangerous for health.

However, we must not be confused: wanting to gain weight does not mean neglecting our diet and opting for unhealthy foods, rich in calories and fat. Wanting to gain weight, with health, means also opting for a healthy and healthy diet, but following a suitable diet to gain weight gradually and without endangering our own health.

The best foods to gain weight

  • Dairy: they are especially rich in calcium and certain brands enrich them with vitamins (especially with vitamin D). If your goal is to gain weight, it is best to opt for whole dairy products, which contain more fat and calories, without forgetting that they are healthy foods and drinks. If you are lactose intolerant, you can opt for vegetable drinks such as soy milk or almond milk, which provide a lot of energy.
  • Cereals: they are rich in essential nutrients, and can be included in breakfast, since they provide a lot of energy. The best? Buckwheat or quinoa.
  • Legumes: Many nutritionists advise eating legumes at least three times a week. They provide energy and are very healthy.
  • Nuts: they are especially rich in essential fatty acids, and as you know, they also provide a lot of energy. Try to consume 25 grams of nuts a day.
  • Nutritional supplements: if you want to sweeten your meals, opt for honey, natural and very nutritious.
  • Fruits and vegetables: although fruits and vegetables have slimming virtues, remember to consume 5 servings of this food group a day, since they are extremely rich in essential nutrients. Avocado, banana or coconut are fruits with the highest caloric content.


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