Fruits can be good allies to end toxins, especially if they are cleansing fruits. Know the 5 best to include in your diet.

Toxins accumulate in our body every day, and there are many external factors that contribute to our own body assimilating and accumulating them. As a consequence, we tend to have a higher risk of suffering from certain pathologies or diseases. Luckily, following a balanced diet especially rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to cleanse ourselves internally, and above all, useful to eliminate those toxins naturally.

Maintaining a varied, nutritious and balanced diet is the best way to ensure not only that our body gets all the nutrients it needs, but also that we opt for natural foods that are especially rich in natural antioxidants, as well as diuretic and cleansing substances that help reduce toxins naturally.

And it is that in the same way that natural food helps us reduce toxins, following a poorly balanced diet rich in saturated fats and sugars does the opposite, especially if we regularly consume junk food, sweets and refined foods.

What are the best cleansing fruits?

Among those foods that help us eliminate toxins we find the following:


Watermelon is a good detoxifier as it has an interesting diuretic action. In addition, it provides very few calories and very few sugars, so it can even help to quench both thirst itself and hunger.

We can find it during the summer months. And we can enjoy it alone after meals or as a snack on beach days.


It has important diuretic properties thanks to its high mineral content. In addition, it helps prevent fluid retention, and its bromelain content makes it a truly digestive fruit.

Like pineapple, we can find it during the summer months, since it is a seasonal food. It is excellent consumed after eating, especially if we have consumed meat, as it helps to better digest the proteins in meat.


Strawberries are one of the lightest fruits. They promote good circulation, and in turn are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, so that they help eliminate toxins, purifying our body and reducing the action of free radicals. And all this naturally.

We can consume them whole or cut them into pieces and accompany them with a yogurt.  It’s a great way to enjoy a nutritious, refreshing, and delicious dessert.


Thanks to their fiber and potassium content, cherries are very good allies in the purification process, helping our body to eliminate toxins.

It is ideal, for example, to eat a handful of cherries every day. It is the simplest and simplest way to enjoy its benefits.


The apricot is a very good fruit in summer, since by containing beta-carotene, it allows us to achieve a really beautiful tan, and in turn helps to purify our body.

The apricot season oscillates between the months of May to August, so during this time we can enjoy its different purifying qualities.

What are toxins and why do they tend to accumulate in our body?

Toxins are proteins (specifically lipopolysaccharides) that enter our body from the food we consume every day, as well as through different elements that also contain them, as for example it could be the case of tobacco, alcohol or drugs

Regarding the toxins that enter the body through food, although it is true that all foods contain these lipopolysaccharides, we determine cooking habits such as frying them at high temperatures, or some types of food (such as fast food or junk food and those processed in an industrial way), influence in a much more direct way in which these toxins accumulate excessively in the body.

These toxins accumulate for different causes or reasons. For example, while both the liver and the kidneys are the organs in charge of filtering these toxins and eliminating them, when there is some type of pathology or disorder that affects them, they may not be fully capable of fulfilling this very important function. As a consequence, toxins accumulate.

In addition, they also tend to accumulate when there is a certain excess in the diet and we consume many refined or acidifying foods (such as foods rich in sugar or salt); especially when the diet is unbalanced and healthy.


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