There are different varieties of tea whose characteristics, benefits and properties vary to a greater or lesser extent. We reveal what they are and what qualities each one contributes.

Tea in its different varieties gives us a large number of beneficial properties for our health, we review the main ones. As you know, there are different types of tea: green tea, red tea, black tea and white tea. They all come from the same plant with the difference that they have been harvested or processed in a different way.

Take green tea as an example. It is characterized, without any doubt, for being one of the most popular and popular varieties of tea. It is obtained once the leaves are harvested, which are quickly dried and fragmented. The white tea differs in that only the first shoots of the plant are used, before they have oxidized.

In the case of red tea, we find a characteristic type of tea that, when infused, dyes the water a wonderful red color, which has a medium degree of oxidation. And finally we find black tea, a tea that has greater oxidation and fermentation compared to the other varieties.

It is clear that choosing between one and another variety of tea depends directly on the personal tastes of each one, not only in terms of the benefits and properties they provide, but ultimately their organoleptic qualities. This is: its aroma, flavor … and even tonality.

Green tea qualities

We will start by saying that green tea provides us with vitamins A, C and E, in addition to various minerals, among which we can highlight selenium. Taking this infusion regularly prevents or delays the onset of degenerative diseases. It is also recommended for people who have cardiovascular problems.

Its effects make it possible to reduce hypertension and also high cholesterol, both risk factors for the appearance of other pathologies.

Green tea helps prevent or delay the onset of degenerative diseases. But its benefits don’t end there. Since it is very good for wanting to lose weight as it speeds up the metabolism and is rich in antioxidants.

It differs from the other varieties in that its leaves have been rolled up and then dehydrated, not being subjected to any fermentation process. Therefore, its flavor is refreshing.

Qualities of black tea

This variety of tea is one of the most popular and they also have very good properties that help us to be healthier. Surely you have had a bad stomach and they have prepared you a tea on more than one occasion. This is because black tea has tannins that are an excellent natural remedy for cases of diarrhea.

Black tea is also a very good diuretic, so its intake is recommended for those who have a tendency to fluid retention. Like green tea, it is recommended for our cardiovascular system. Finally, it has a protective effect on the capillaries of the eyes, helping to maintain our eye health.

It differs from other varieties of tea in that its leaves are subjected to a much longer process of oxidation and fermentation, hence it has a higher caffeine content.

Qualities of red tea

For this variety of tea there are also benefits. Among it is very good to stimulate the metabolism of fats, so it is very good to incorporate in diets to lose weight. It also benefits the health of the organs of the liver, intestine and kidneys, which are so important in our body.

Red tea is indicated as a natural remedy to accompany medical treatments in patients with gout, and also in people with too high levels of uric acid. If you suffer from any allergies, do not stop incorporating this infusion in your daily diet as it inhibits the release of histamine, improving the typical symptoms of allergy.

We are faced with a variety of tea highly valued in China, especially the Pu-erh variety, considered as an authentic medicinal tea in this country. Since its fermentation is very low, it contains much less caffeine.

Qualities of white tea

To close this note we will dedicate ourselves to the benefits of white tea. To begin with, we will say that it is antioxidant, diuretic and energizing. As if this were not enough, it also helps lower “bad” or LDL cholesterol, is useful for fighting tooth decay and raises our defenses.

It also has very good effects on our mental functions since it is a memory and concentration enhancer … a good companion when studying.

It differs from the other varieties in that it is the least processed tea, since its leaves are left to dry in the open air on silk cloths in order for the water to evaporate. For this reason, its flavor is milder and its aroma is delicate.


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