Lemonade is a natural drink with many benefits. Find out why it is good to drink lemonade every day, and learn the steps to make it at home easily.

The lemonade is probably one of the most natural drinks and homemade known and popular. It consists of a drink that is made with lemon and water, to which sugar is usually added (although there are those who prepare it without sweetening). For those who use a sweetener, it is possible to substitute white sugar for brown sugar of whole cane or even for honey, much healthier without a doubt. Alcohol may or may not be added, and in most cases it tends to be served cold.

It is a drink that provides excellent health benefits, since lemon juice is a natural drink with incredible detoxifying and cleansing properties, as well as being extremely rich in vitamin C.

Why drink lemonade every day?

Wonderful detox drink

Lemonade is an excellent detoxifier for the body, especially the liver, becoming a very interesting traditional remedy when it comes to purifying this important organ of our body.

It is also constituted as a wonderful natural drink when it comes to helping our body eliminate accumulated toxins, acting as an excellent cleanser.

Good cleansing of the liver and kidneys

As we indicated previously, lemonade is an excellent liver cleanser, making it an interesting natural option for those who suffer from liver problems such as fatty liver, a very common disorder that affects many people and that in most of the cases does not produce symptoms, which consists of the accumulation of fat in the liver. It also encourages the production of bile, helping in a very positive way to eliminate gallstones.

It is also a good kidney cleanser, acting as a tonic, cleanser and detoxifier. In fact, among the remedies for kidney stones, lemonade is one of the most interesting.

Strengthens the immune system

Lemonade is a drink extremely rich in vitamin C, as it is made precisely with squeezed lemon juice. 1 glass of lemonade provides 7 mg. of vitamin C, an essential nutrient fundamental to help stimulate the immune system, being very useful to increase the defenses in a natural way.

Helps prevent infections and diseases

Lemonade is a wonderful disease and infection preventative, as well as being a good blood cleanser. In fact, being a drink extremely rich in antioxidants, it helps protect our cells from certain diseases.

In addition, it is suitable for preventing and reducing the negative effects that free radicals exert on our body, precisely because of its antioxidant action.

How to make a wonderful lemonade?

Actually making a delicious and sweet lemonade is very simple. You only need 5 lemons, 750 ml. of cold water and between 150 to 200 gr. of brown sugar of whole cane (according to taste). You can also add mint leaves.

Wash the lemons well, cut them in half and squeeze them until all their juice is obtained, being careful to remove the seeds that fall. Reserve the juice.

Put the cold water in a glass jug and dissolve the sugar in it. Add the lemon juice and some mint leaves (which will give it a wonderful aroma). If you wish, you can serve with ice.


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