Combining some of the exercises to lose weight at home that we propose with a balanced and healthy diet is essential to lose weight. Discover the 3 best.

Maintaining an adequate weight is essential and essential when it comes to enjoying good health, especially when we combine a healthy diet – and the healthiest possible – with the practice of regular physical exercise. Of course, for physical activity to positively help in our challenge of losing weight, it is vitally important not only the intensity (that a moderate intensity is maintained, for example), but the duration.

For example, we can go for a brisk walk and also do it for 30 to 40 minutes; go for a run at our Favorite Park, or just go biking for a bit. However, what happens when we can’t or don’t feel like leaving the house? Are there options that we can practice at home, and that also help us when it comes to losing weight? We explain which are the best exercises to lose weight at home, which we can practice easily and with hardly any complications.

Useful exercises to lose weight at home easily

Running on site (without moving)

Taking into account that we want to exercise at home because for example we cannot go outside to practice it, or we simply do not feel like it, it is clear that we should look for those that are focused on losing weight. That is to say, that they help us positively when it comes to losing weight.

In this sense, any type of aerobic physical activity helps a lot. But since we are not going to move from home, we can choose to run on site, doing a race without moving, through what experts call a static sprint.

It’s as simple as bringing your knees up to your chest and alternating one leg and the other, as fast as possible. Hold for 50 to 60 seconds, rest, and go back to practicing again.


The physical exercise known by the name of Squats probably does not sound familiar to you, but if we change the name to squats, it is quite possible that it will be better known to you.

To practice it, you just have to separate your feet by placing them on the sides of the body; that is, placing them at the same width as the hips. Then, in order not to arch or force your back, tighten your abdomen while bending your knees, stretching your arms forward and lowering your trunk, in the same way as if you were sitting down, and feeling that your hips slide towards back and down.

Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions each, for a total of 30. They are ideal for losing weight both buttocks and thighs.

Lunges (Lunge)

Known by the name of Lunge or Stride, you just have to stand up, placing your hands on your waist. Then move one of the legs forward (without lifting the heel off the ground), until you flex it, keeping it at a right angle and the spine perfectly straight. Try to hold this position for a few seconds, and then finish by returning to the position you started with. Then repeat the exercise again, but using the other leg.

You can also choose to jump at the same time as you stride.

Do not neglect the diet

Remember that, in order for weight loss exercises to fulfill their objective, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet and as balanced as possible. It is vitally important to consume foods that produce satiety, and that provide essential nutrients but few calories and fat.

Fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables stand out especially, preferably in season. They provide vitamins and minerals, with a small caloric intake. Also important are meats (especially white), fish and eggs, extremely rich in amino acids and good quality proteins, and legumes and nuts (especially consumed on a regular but moderate basis, not exceeding 25 grams per day).


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