Health and MedicineDiseasesTenosynovitis: inflammation of the tendon sheath. Symptoms, causes and treatment

Tenosynovitis: inflammation of the tendon sheath. Symptoms, causes and treatment

Tenosynovitis basically consists of inflammation of the tendon sheath. But what symptoms does it produce and what are its main causes? We also discover the most appropriate medical treatments.

Tenosynovitis is a tendinitis caused by inflammation or thickening of the sheath that covers or surrounds the tendons. The tendons that are usually affected by tenosynovitis are the tendons of the wrist, hands and feet, although the condition can occur in any sheath that becomes inflamed.

The causes for which this inflammation occurs can be several: overload, repetitive movements, an injury, diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes or an infection), as well as certain jobs (as a waiter, packers, packers or the use common computer mouse).

Tenosynovitis affects more women than men and the age range in which it usually occurs is between 30 and 50 years. This condition can also occur as a result of a cut to the hands or wrists that become infected and may require surgery.

What are the symptoms of tenosynovitis?

The symptoms that can alert us to a possible infection are fever, redness, inflammation and before these symptoms you should go to the doctor without delay since treatment is needed and sometimes surgery to clean the pus around the tendon. .

The symptoms of tenosynovitis can be several such as:

  • Pain around the affected joint, wrist, hand, foot, ankle,
  • Pain when moving the joint.
  • Pain, difficulty moving or stretching a limb or joint.
  • Numbness.
  • Rigidity.
  • Loss of strength
  • Soft spot.
  • Redness along the tendon.
  • The appearance of a red streak on the wrist, hand, or foot.
  • Fever (in case of cut or puncture).

The tests to detect tenosynovitis is the physical examination in which the doctor checks by touching the tendon, stretching it, and observing if one movement or another produces pain.

If there are doubts, an X-ray or ultrasound is performed in case there is osteoarthritis, fractures, swelling, or a cyst, as well as to see the thickening of the tendons.

Treatment of tenosynovitis

The treatment that is usually prescribed is above all rest, to relieve the pain, to rest the affected tendons, so the work or activity that has caused it must be suspended.

To reduce both inflammation and pain, it is good and helps to improve applying cold or heat to the affected area.

Sometimes it is necessary to place a splint to immobilize the affected tendons. To reduce inflammation and relieve pain, the doctor usually prescribes oral anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, for complicated cases corticosteroid infiltrations are usually prescribed.

When the improvement is prolonged, rehabilitation, massages, ultrasounds or any other physiotherapy treatment may be needed.

The expectations of cure are good because the majority of people affected by tenosynovitis usually recover well after having followed the treatment. In some cases, tenosynovitis reappears when the recommended treatment and rest have not been followed correctly and overload the tendon.

In these cases, they would be conditions considered chronic in which the tendon ends up being damaged, making the recovery slower and more painful.

Once we have recovered, to prevent a possible relapse or appearance of the injury, it is advisable to perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles that are surrounding the tendon affected by tenosynovitis.

As soon as we notice or suspect we are suffering from this condition, we should go to the doctor since untreated tenosynovitis will have complications such as tearing or rupture of the tendon or the affected joint becoming stiff.

In the event that tenosynovitis occurs with an infection in the tendon, if neglected, it can result in the infection spreading to other parts of the body, which would pose a risk to our health and to the limb that has been affected by tenosynovitis.


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