What are the symptoms and effects caused by the evil eye in newborns and babies? Find out what they are like to be able to identify it and how to protect them.

We can consider the evil eye as a strong negative energy that a certain person sends to another intentionally with the aim of hurting them, either because they hate or envy them.  Of course, according to popular belief, we must take into account that this evil eye is not always voluntary or conscious, so that the person has so much capacity to cast the evil eye that it is involuntary, and without any type of evil.

From the point of view of the most popular tradition, it is said that the evil eye is the product or effect of envy –in negative aspects- or of the admiration that the person feels towards the other – in more positive aspects-. And it is a condition that can be physical, mental and emotional, caused by the look of a person that many consider as ‘powerful’.

Obviously, we are faced with a superstitious popular belief, which is widespread in a wide variety of civilizations. In fact, it is very common and deeply ingrained.

In this sense, there are those who simply believe in it, have heard about it, or even claim to have been affected by this force.

What is the evil eye?

As we have already mentioned on a previous occasion, the evil eye is a mental, emotional or physical condition caused by the look of a person. This person is considered “powerful”, as having the ability to intentionally or unconsciously cause some “harm” to the victim.

Knowing what the symptoms of the evil eye are is extremely useful if we think that we suffer from the evil eye, or if we believe that a certain person has been given the evil eye.

That is, although it can have many causes, it fundamentally translates into a manifestation of energy.

Why is it said that the evil eye affects newborns or babies more?

The ancient belief comes to say that babies and newborns tend to suffer more from the evil eye, mainly because they tend to be more vulnerable to being smaller and having practically no consciousness.

This is because, when a baby is born, it is usually visited by many people, who look at it and observe it. In this case, it may happen that someone with this force, consciously or even unconsciously, transmits this force to him and affects him.

The same happens with young children, who also tend to suffer it much more often.

What are the symptoms of the evil eye in a baby or newborn?

We must bear in mind that the symptoms of the evil eye can vary from one person to another, at the same time that they can also vary depending on whether it is an evil eye cast on a baby or a small child, than on a person much more adult.

Popular belief says that both babies and young children are more vulnerable to the evil eye. In fact, surely you will remember how your grandmother or your mother spoke about the evil eye cast on a newborn or a baby … In these little people, the most common symptoms are the following:

  • Uncontrolled crying, with no apparent cause (that is, the baby does not have colic or reflux that can cause this disconsolate crying).
  • Disturbed sleep (baby has a hard time falling asleep, falls asleep and wakes up quickly, or wakes up continuously).
  • Loss of appetite
  • Allergies on the skin.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Continuous and fairly frequent vomiting.

As we can see, it is true that we are faced with very general and common symptoms, so that at all times the presence of any type of physical condition, disorder or disease that causes they must be ruled out. However, as those who work with this type of energy state, it is usually easy to know if a newborn or baby has the evil eye.

How to protect the newborn, baby and child:

Everything will depend on the country in which we are, since in many cultures and civilizations it is often thought that protection is sufficient using amulets or rituals.

For example, in some South American countries it is common to pass an egg through the body of the affected person or victim, to finally break it and put it inside a glass of water.  Then this glass is placed under the bed, absorbing the energy and protecting it against the evil eye.

However, in our country, it is common to protect young children with red bows or elements, because it is believed that this color protects the baby and the newborn. For example, a useful option is to place a red bow on the baby’s crib and stroller, and dress him in red clothes when we go out.


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