Now that autumn has officially arrived, and that in these precise moments we are waiting for the time change in Europe to occur, many are the people who worry about knowing how to live healthy in autumn, and especially how to increase the defenses.

As we have discussed in other moments, at this time of the year what is known as autumn depression appears, a special type of depression that lasts -relatively- for a short time, and that occurs as a result of the different hormonal changes that the body experiences as a result of decreased sunlight.

Precisely for this reason, knowing what nutritional supplements exist to gain energy is useful in these cases, especially when we need to increase energy and need an extra contribution.

Food supplements to increase energy

Royal jelly

We know many of the properties of royal jelly, a milky substance produced by worker bees in the hive, and which is rich in vitamins (it provides a total of 16 vitamins) with an antioxidant effect and excellent for memory and the nervous system, 18 amino acids and minerals such as potassium, silicon and phosphorus, among others. Therefore, it has antioxidant, nutritional, metabolic and above all energetic properties, improving physical and mental resistance, mood and strengthening the immune system.


Like royal jelly, there are also many properties of ginseng when it comes to increasing energy, mainly because it is a root rich in B vitamins, in addition to amino acids and vitamin C, ideal in cases of home remedies for the flu.


In cases of stress or anxiety, and especially in cases of low energy as a result of seasonal changes, the benefits of propolis help increase the body’s defenses, as it has antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic and antioxidant virtues.



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