Benefits of sunflower seeds and properties of sunflower seeds, a heart-healthy and beneficial food for the care of circulation. Of course, in case you want to know more about its seeds, we advise you to read about the benefits of sunflower seeds.

The sunflower seeds are some nuts consumed as companions to other meals or simply as snacking.

But we will not refer to them in this case to talk about their properties although it never hurts to say that they are rich in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus and fatty acids.

For those people who have a strong temperament, who are prone to being nervous in any situation and it is very difficult to combat that tension, infusions of sunflower seeds are beneficial to control these outbursts.

The preparation of this infusion consists of using the cooked and normally ground pipes, pouring a tablespoon of their powder into boiling water, then cover it and leave it to rest for a few minutes.

To drink it, strain it, sweeten it to your liking and drink.

This infusion acts as relaxing and calming, recommended for the different states of excitement and tension that we live daily.

If you are a person who regularly consumes the popular sunflower seeds, then we will indicate their main benefits and nutritional properties.

Sunflower seeds benefits

  • Heart-healthy properties: sunflower seeds are beneficial to prevent not only cardiovascular problems, but also circulatory problems.
  • Good for athletes: since they help reduce the most typical injuries of sports and physical exercise.
  • Good for brain activity: they are advisable at any time of life, thanks to their high levels of phosphorus and magnesium, they are ideal for good brain activity.
  • Ideal for the skin: thanks to its vitamin E content.

Nutritional values ​​of sunflower seeds

100 grams of sunflower seeds provide:

  • Vitamins: 22 mg. of vitamin E.
  • Minerals: potassium (730 mg.), Phosphorus (600 mg.), Magnesium (395 mg.) And calcium (100 mg.).
  • Proteins: 28 gr.
  • Carbohydrates: 8.5 gr.
  • Fat: 45 gr.


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