Did you know that stress or anxiety are two disorders that are also related to cardiovascular diseases? Especially when stress becomes chronic.

It is very common to hear the following expression when we are tense, nervous and anxious in a stressful situation: be careful, it can give you a heart attack. And, it seems, we are faced with an expression that, far from being wrong, is even as real as life itself.

This is demonstrated by more and more studies, which relate stress and anxiety with diseases that are very present today, such as high cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes.

It is often said that optimistic people who tend to live the road with joy live many more years than those who are more negative, and that above all, they live the day to day stressed and anxious.

Not surprisingly, the number of doctors and psychologists who defend that we should live a much more optimistic life, but above all relaxed, is increasing.

To do this, it is convenient to take life in a different way, avoiding worrying about things that are not really important, and always trying to solve problems by taking care of them, and not worrying excessively.

Regarding cardiovascular diseases themselves, there are currently many scientific studies that show that stressed or anxious people are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, hypertension or even cancer.

For this reason, remember that it is better to live life each day with a little more joy, enjoying each day and, above all, smiling a little more.

In the case of arterial hypertension itself, there is no doubt that we are facing a health problem that increasingly affects more and more people, mainly because it is a disease that is commonly associated with problems such as being overweight, obesity or diabetes.

Although it is true that there are several symptoms of hypertension, and there are several causes that we can find in a large number of patients, there is a not so well known cause that can cause blood pressure to rise.

Obviously, we are talking about stress, an equally common disorder today, and in fact for years it has been “seen” as a totally normal problem, when in reality it is not. We delve a little more about it.

Although many people do not know of this direct cause, more and more studies show that stress causes hypertension.

This is due to the fact that stress leads to an excess in the production of catecholamines (similar to adrenaline), in turn causing an increase in heart rate.

Which translates into an increase in the levels of both fats and sugars, with the clearly negative consequences that this entails.

In fact, it is known that continuous stressful situations (known as chronic stress), can lead to the appearance of arrhythmias, something that, together with high blood pressure, is something much more dangerous, and can also cause a heart attack.

How to prevent stress from causing hypertension?

In this sense, one of the basic recommendations that should be given is to opt for a calm and relaxed lifestyle, adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Remember that it is not normal to feel stress on a daily basis, since this is due to a personal situation of uncertainty that generates insecurity and fear. Sometimes resting at the right and necessary time is much better than running from one place to another.


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