Spirulina has benefits and properties that make it one of the most consumed algae, since it provides very important nutrients for the body.

Spirulina: benefits and properties. Ideal for weight loss

The algae are food in Oriental cuisine (preferred and generally delicious and wonderful Japanese cuisine) is highly consumed in a variety of different recipes.

Not surprisingly, one of the most classic dishes consumed in the West, and that has come to us from Japanese cuisine, is sushi, a true delicacy for many demanding palates in which Kombu seaweed is usually used.

As we learned in a previous article in which we told you about the benefits of algae, we learned that it is a food that is very rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

But there is an equally special algae, which can also become a healthy alternative in many salads, spirulina. What are the most important benefits of spirulina? Take good note.

What is spirulina or spirulina? What does it consist of?

The spirulina becomes a small alga blue sweet water was discovered in the Mexican lakes.  Precisely because of its curious spiral-shaped appearance (which gives rise to its name) and its color, it is a   practically unmistakable algae, compared to many others that we can find today.

Regarding its chemical composition, one of its main characteristics resides in its great richness in both amino acids and proteins.

In addition, it stands out for the presence of essential fatty acids and carotenoids. But one of the very special characteristics has to do with the possibility that it can positively serve as an adjunct in the treatment of obesity.

Spirulina benefits

The spirulina stands out as a rich microalgae aminácidos and proteins, which grows in natural waters alkaline medium.

It contains chlorophyll, a substance that in fact is what gives it that characteristic green color, while phycocyanin gives it the blue color. For this reason, spirulina is known as the blue-green algae.

Regarding the nutritional values ​​of spirulina, we find that it contains 70% vegetable protein, with all the essential amino acids.

It is ideal for losing weight, since it only contributes 7% fat, so its consumption as an adjunct in weight reduction diets is interesting.

The properties of spirulina for weight loss

It could be said that spirulina can be useful for losing weight and losing weight, mainly because it is useful as an adjunct in the treatment of obesity.

This is due to its vitamin, protein and trace element contributions, taking into account that its vitamin contribution helps reduce appetite.

While, yes, its essential elements maintain the body, making it more resistant to physical effort and becoming a food supplement in weight control diets.


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