Benefits of sloe, and properties of pacharán, a tropical fruit also known by the name of spider or wild plum, with many qualities for health.

Surely many of you are completely unaware of what sloes, also known as spider or wild plum, consist of. However, things change if we mention the pacharán drink, a shot that is characterized by having a bittersweet flavor since it is produced precisely with this fruit that comes from the prunus spinosa tree, a species of the Rosaceae family.

The fruit of the blackthorn is also known as arañón in some regions of Aragon, Burgos, the Basque Country and Navarra. And in Galicia it also receives the name of Abruños or ameixa brava. It is characterized by having a most bluish or purplish color along with an oval shape and a somewhat velvety texture.

Sloe has been used since ancient times as a natural remedy to treat all kinds of diseases and viral processes. Although it has also had (and continues to have) a very relevant place in gastronomy when it comes to producing jams, jellies and the mythical pacharán drink that is known to all of you.

Sloe properties that you should know

Have you been wanting to know more information about the blackthorn? Well, there is no problem since through this next section we are going to do an extensive review of the most important properties of this fruit. That you must take into account from now on.

Sloes are hypocaloric

As with some strawberries such as cherries or strawberries, sloes are characterized by being a totally hypocaloric food.

In this sense, it is possible to consume it when having a healthy and balanced diet while at the same time taking care of our line and not taking on a few extra kilos. For this reason, they are very beneficial in treating obesity and diabetes as it reduces blood glucose levels.

They are very rich in potassium, iron and calcium

Sloes are also characterized as an inexhaustible source of potassium, iron and calcium. The truth is that these elements are essential to strengthen our body and fight some diseases such as anemia.

For its part, calcium will make our bones grow and develop much stronger while potassium will help us concentrate and enjoy a healthier nervous system.

High in antioxidants

These fruits also have a high content of natural pigments such as anthocyanin and carotenoid. These two substances are characterized by having all kinds of antioxidant effects for our body and prevent the segregation of free radicals throughout our body.

Also, its flavonoids act as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. They also have antitumor effects and therefore reduce the possibility of cancer cells appearing in any part of our body. All this without mentioning that they improve our eyesight.

Other benefits of sloes for our health

It is normal that after having read all these lines you have been left with more desire to know some others of the many benefits that sloes provide to know it. But there is no need to worry since through this last point we will do an extensive review of all of them.

  • They have laxative effects. Sloes are also characterized by having a high fiber content, a natural component that will help us say goodbye to diarrhea or constipation.  All this will make us enjoy better intestinal health in the long run.
  • They are used to treat colds and flu. Sloes also contain a high content of vitamin C that makes it a powerful pain reliever that will allow us to treat colds and flu in a completely healthy and natural way.
  • They have astringent properties. This means that sloes can also be applied directly to the skin in order to repair it, say goodbye to blemishes and ultimately enjoy a much smoother and smoother complexion.




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