Simple carbohydrates (also called fast-absorbing carbohydrates) are carbohydrates whose excessive consumption is not recommended, since they can be deposited in the form of fat. In addition, they are carbohydrates that cause sudden glucose imbalances, increasing appetite.

The carbohydrates are considered some essential nutrients that should not miss in our daily diet, as involved and are involved in a wide variety of critical functions for our body.

For example, they provide energy, while participating in saving protein and even regulating fat metabolism.

However, as we know, a great diversity of dangerous high-protein diets (also known as  hyperprotein diets) are proliferating today, based exclusively on the consumption of protein, and none – or few amounts – of carbohydrates.

Contrary to what may be thought, this involves endangering both our health and our nutritional balance. Why? Not only because carbohydrates are essential for the proper functioning of our body and for our health, but also because eating only proteins can cause a state of ketosis, causing a loss of appetite, nausea, general malaise, fatigue and more serious problems of kidneys and liver.

The truth is that, be that as it may, the bad “reputation” that carbohydrates have in certain circles comes from the so-called simple carbohydrates.

What are simple carbohydrates?

Unlike complex carbohydratesthe simple carbohydrates are monosaccharides, among which the fructose and glucose.

For example, fructose is responsible for the sweet taste of many fruits, while glucose adds an attractive flavor to certain food products.

Why Simple Carbohydrates May Not Be Suitable?

Many nutritionists recommend being careful with the abusive consumption of foods rich in simple carbohydrates, since being carbohydrates of rapid absorption, this means that our body absorbs them quickly.

This rapid absorption induces our body to secrete the hormone insulin, which in turn stimulates the appetite creating a sensation of hunger, while it helps these carbohydrates accumulate in the form of reserve fat.

So it is not advisable to eat fast absorbing carbohydrates?

We must bear in mind that approximately 60% of the calories we consume daily must come from carbohydrates (30% from fat and 10% from protein).

This means that eating foods rich in simple carbohydrates in moderation and without abuse does not pose a health risk or lead to weight gain. We must not forget that healthy foods such as honey or fruit juices are rich in these types of carbohydrates.

However, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of foods rich in simple carbohydrates and opt for those foods rich in complex carbohydrates, since their nutritional benefits are simply greater: they do not cause sudden imbalances in blood glucose levels, they cannot being rapidly absorbed by cells, they cause satiety, they do not predispose to the appearance of related diseases such as fatty liver, and eaten without excesses they do not cause weight gain (moreover, they help you lose weight thanks to reducing your appetite).

Simple carbohydrate rich foods

Although we already covered this type of food more extensively in a previous article, basically below we summarize the main foods that are richer in fast-absorbing carbohydrates:

  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Fruit juice
  • Refined flours and derivatives (for example, white bread or sugary breakfast cereals)
  • Certain fruits
  • Industrial pastries, cakes and sweets
  • Fast food: like French fries or industrial hamburgers.



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