Benefits of royal jelly, a superfood with natural properties and benefits, ideal for its nutritional power. Know when to take it and when it is not so appropriate to take it (contraindications).

The royal jelly becomes one of the most natural supplements that may exist, since it has essential components that help maintain the balance of the body. It is a yellowish-white semi-fluid product with a slightly acid taste. It is the food of the larvae of the worker bees and the drones until their third day, that of the queen larvae until the fifth day, and that of the adult queen during practically their entire life.

It is a totally and completely natural substance, so that no other food can be compared with it, especially from a truly nutritional point of view, as we will discover in detail throughout this article.

What is royal jelly from bees?

As we briefly mentioned in the previous lines, royal jelly is a completely natural substance made by bees. Specifically, and to be more precise, it is a substance secreted by worker bees between 5 to 15 days old (young), which produce it from the different hypopharyngeal glands that we find in their heads.

In turn, this substance is mixed with stomach secretions, and it becomes the food of excellence for all larvae during the first days of life, at which point they begin to consume a kind of concentrate of water, honey and pollen. .

With the exception of the queen bee and the larvae of royal cells, which will always be fed with this substance, which ensures not only their survival but also the possibility of achieving a larger size and better vitality for reproduction.

An example of its qualities can be found in the latter, since although a worker bee tends to live no more than 45 days, the queen bee is capable of living up to 5 years (there is nothing).

What is royal jelly like?

If at any time you have consumed it or seen it in herbalists and specialized diet stores, it is quite likely that you already know what royal jelly looks like. If not, you will be surprised to learn that it consists of an extremely viscous, whitish-yellow substance. Also, you should know that its flavor is acidic.

Benefits of royal jelly

Among some of the most important benefits and properties of royal jelly, until now it is known that it has numerous dietary, therapeutic and nutritional advantages, as well as being able to help in the prevention of different nutritional deficiencies.

Royal jelly tends to be used for example in cases of depression, convalescence from illnesses, fatigue, or weakness motivated for example by moods.

It is also ideal for example during the growth phase both in childhood and adolescence, and even as a tonic in states such as menopause.

It also has a very interesting regulatory action on the appetite of anorexic people, so it could be useful, for example, in the recovery of asthenic diseases.

But this is not everything, since in addition to having certain antiviral and antibacterial properties (thus helping to improve defenses), it even helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Also, if you find yourself in times of study or work in which you need to improve concentration and boost body energy levels, royal jelly could become the best of allies.

The most important properties of royal jelly

Although in the previous lines we have summarized what are the benefits of royal jelly, this time we are going to discover more about its most important qualities. We reveal them to you in the following sections.

Excellent in case of flu, colds and colds

As with natural products such as honey, royal jelly is very beneficial in case of flu, cold thanks to its antiviral and antimicrobial action. In addition, it becomes a very interesting natural remedy for the coldest times of the year (especially autumn and winter), as it helps to increase our body’s resistance to cold.

Natural product for defenses

When it comes to increasing the defenses and strengthening the immune system,  royal jelly is as useful and interesting as honey, since it precisely helps to strengthen the immune system in a completely natural way.

Ideal for cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol levels

If you have high cholesterol or triglycerides, royal jelly is very beneficial, since it is an effective natural treatment in case of arteriosclerosis. In addition, it helps reduce high levels of fats in the blood, thanks to the fact that it in turn acts as a wonderful stimulant of blood circulation.

On the other hand, it is a very useful natural product to regulate blood pressure, so that its regular consumption is very interesting in case of arterial hypotension.

A wonderful natural stimulant

As we mentioned briefly at the beginning of this note, royal jelly provides a large amount of energy, hence it becomes the ideal natural supplement for those times when we need an extra supply of energy, either at work. Or in studies. In addition, it is very useful in cases of fatigue and anemia, by increasing appetite.

Good for women and men

Thanks to the different nutritional qualities that royal jelly provides, it is an excellent natural remedy for hormonal disorders in women, especially during menstruation and menopause.

It is also very interesting in men, as it helps naturally in case of male infertility, impotence and sexual asthenia.

When to consume royal jelly

Taking into account the different qualities, properties and benefits, royal jelly is indicated for the following states:

  • Lack of appetite and malnutrition.
  • To increase energy and improve both physical and intellectual performance.
  • In case of male infertility, sexual asthenia and impotence.
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Hormonal disorders of women.
  • Cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Arterial hypotension
  • When it comes to increasing defenses naturally.

Nutritional values ​​of royal jelly

Here’s what royal jelly is made of:

  • Water by 60-70% approximately.
  • Sugars by 10-16%.
  • Fat by 3-6%.
  • Proteins (12-16%), vitamins (especially B vitamins, E and C) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper and chlorine), in 0.8-1.3%.
  • It also contains the eight essential amino acids that make up proteins.

When the consumption of royal jelly is not recommended: main contraindications

Royal jelly has a series of contraindications that make it a product whose consumption is not recommended. In this sense, it is not recommended for allergies, asthma, migraines, tachycardias, high blood pressure and Addison’s disease.

How to take royal jelly?

The following basic consumption tips should be followed:

  • Recommended dose: between 200 to 500 mg. of royal jelly in adults. In children between 100 to 250 mg.
  • Do not take it for more than 1 or 2 months in a row, resting for 1 month in between.
  • It is more advisable to consume it in the morning.
  • In case of consuming it in its natural state, take only 1 to 2 teaspoons a day. To improve its absorption, put it under the tongue until it dissolves.
  • Where to keep it? In the refrigerator.

And what to do with vitamin supplements with royal jelly?

We know that a way to obtain a complete state of mental and physical well-being is extremely essential and necessary good nutrition. Through this process, the body receives, transforms and uses the substances contained in those foods that we consume daily.

But, nevertheless, there are stages of life in which an extra supply of nutrients is required, since they are circumstances in which our body requires an extraordinary amount.

At this time, it is advisable to take vitamin supplements that help us precisely in this regard. In fact, today we can find vitamin supplements with royal jelly, which help us even more.

The vitamin supplements with royal jelly come precisely to be vitamin supplements that give us the vitamins and minerals we need every day, but with a very essential and beneficial to the body ingredient:  royal jelly.

For example, we know that vitamins are organic substances that are certainly essential for life, since they are essential for the proper functioning of the body, as well as for the use of other nutrients.

We also know that minerals are trace elements that we find in organic liquids, and that they are essential elements for humans.

Regarding the benefits of royal jelly, it is necessary to know how precisely we indicated that it is a natural substance of great quality due to its content in amino acids, minerals and trace elements, and vitamins of group B.



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