Nutrition and DietRecommendations when eating out and not getting fat

Recommendations when eating out and not getting fat

When eating out, it is common for us to make certain mistakes. For this reason, discovering some useful tips and tricks will help us eat out healthily without gaining weight.

Although it is true that we are in a difficult time from an economic and work point of view, at certain times it is usual that, at least once a month, we go out to eat outside the home.

Either in a fast food establishment, in a restaurant where recipes and homemade dishes are prepared, in a beach bar (now that the weather is starting to be nice), or in a bar.

But from a nutritional point of view, especially if we follow a weight loss diet or we maintain a balanced diet, it is common that when we go out to eat out we make some mistakes.

What are the main mistakes when eating out?

  • Skipping meals: it is common that if we go out to eat out because we are shopping, it is common to skip at least breakfast or snack. This is a mistake, since we must have at least three main meals, and at least two snacks.
  • Be careful with what you drink: although it is preferable to opt for natural juices, refreshing water or non-alcoholic beer, it is common to eat it accompanied by soft drinks or alcoholic drinks. Remember that if you choose these two drinks you will be ingesting more calories and sugars than your body needs.
  • Opt for cakes or sweets as desserts: it is true that if eating out of face is not the usual thing, at specific times you can enjoy a portion of cake or sweet as dessert.  Although, of course, it is preferable to opt for fresh fruit.

Helpful tips when eating out

  • Opt for first course salads: in addition to being refreshing, they are light and low in calories, making them the most ideal option as a first course.
  • Vegetables and white meats, or second fish: they are also the best option. In fact, it is essential that some dish has vegetables as a garnish.
  • Avoid the fried ones: swap the fried potatoes for vegetables or rice. It is much healthier, and it will provide you with more nutritional virtues and fewer calories.
  • Opt for fruit for dessert: although you can occasionally enjoy a portion of cake or sweet, it is best to always opt for fresh fruit. Have you tried ordering a fruit cocktail or even some fruit with low-calorie ice cream?
  • Do not eat fast: if you eat fast you will be doing it with craving, and you will not be able to control the amount you eat, which in the end will mean that you will overeat.

And what can we do to avoid gaining weight if we eat out?

Eating outside the home cannot always be avoided, something that can become an inconvenience and a real headache for a person who is following a weight loss diet.

And it is that it has been shown that, when eating outside the home, it is usually common to consume unhealthy foods, such as deep-fried or salty dishes, very caloric and sweet.

In these cases, there is no doubt that eating out, especially accompanied by friends or family, can be a privilege that we can enjoy very few times, but that cannot mean that we should lose what we have achieved in previous weeks with the follow-up of the diet.

Therefore, knowing some weight loss tricks if you are going to eat out is one of the best options.

Whether you are following a weight loss diet, or if you simply want to continue enjoying a healthy diet even outside the home, a good idea is to follow some of the weight loss tricks that we propose below:

  • Drink lots of water or natural juices, avoiding sugary sodas.
  • Avoid bread, butter, and sauces served with it.
  • A fresh salad first will help you not eat too much second, adding very few calories and yes many nutrients.
  • Opt for foods cooked in the oven or steamed, always avoiding fried ones.
  • White meat without skin or fish is always the best option.
  • Eat fresh fruit for dessert.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • The natural weight loss supplements can be helpful at all times.


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