Babies and ChildrenRecommendations for the school tupperware

Recommendations for the school tupperware

Learn about some recommendations and tips for the school tupperware, useful to increase the safety and nutritional balance of your children’s meals.

Taking food to school in a Tupper is increasingly becoming a very common option among many moms, mainly due to the fact that saving has become a great priority for the vast majority of families.

The main reason? The exorbitant prices of the dining rooms, so that the tupperware represents an important saving for many families, regardless of whether the child is enrolled in a public or subsidized school (the monthly saving ranges between approximately 55 and 120 euros).

However, with the increase in Tuppers at school, certain nutritional imbalances may occur in children, and cases of food poisoning may increase. Hence, it is vital that many moms worry about two fundamental parameters: food safety and nutritional balance in relation to the food or meals that we include in the Tuppers.

Increase the food safety of Tuppers

Using Tuppers at school may increase the risk of food poisoning. Hence, it is essential that the mother meets minimum food security conditions:

  • Raw and Cooked Food: To avoid cross contamination it is vital that raw and cooked  foods are separated. For example, if the mother chooses a potato omelette and a salad, the best option is to separate both meals in two Tuppers.
  • Prepared dishes: it is not advisable for a prepared dish to remain in the fridge for more than 48 hours. Hence, weekly menu planning is essential.
  • How should the tupperware be? It is important that the Tupper is a hermetic container that it can be closed well and no air can enter it. In addition, it must be as resistant as possible.
  • Recommendations at school: the school must ensure that children can heat food (in microwave or oven) and at the same time there is good refrigeration of food.

What foods to include in the school lunch box?

Taking into account that we must seek nutritional balance, if you have doubts when it comes to what foods or dishes to include each day in the tupperware, a good option is to try to get the school’s school menu, prepared by nutritionists, as it will help you to know what dishes you can include.

Basically both the fruit (as dessert), and the vegetables are ideal (as a garnish and first course), betting on the second courses with meatsblue fishpoultry and eggs.

In relation to which forms of cooking to choose, the best ones are steamed and grilled, especially avoiding fried ones.


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