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Reasons why do sports in the New Year

Do you know why we should start doing sports in the New Year that begins? And why, above all, should we always practice it? We discover the reasons and its benefits.

Every time a new year begins, it is time to set resolutions and goals to achieve. Many of these objectives are started but never carried out. Among these, it is worth mentioning exercising in this year that begins. For health, for movement and dynamism, there are many advantages that sport offers for everyone.

The reasons for doing sports are varied. In the first place, it can be for health and medical prescription in the face of a risk of disease. It is also important to set goals and meet them when you start practicing it.

Reasons to do sports

Health equals sport

Practice exercise is usually always synonymous with health. Thanks to this we prevent the development of many diseases and the level of health increases. To enjoy iron health it is important that this is combined with a varied diet always based on vegetables, fish and fruits.

Decrease the volume

Accompanying health, since there are a large number of people who suffer from obesity or can have it in a short time, a motivation to exercise is weight loss. Moving and practicing daily exercise reduces fat in certain areas, burns calories and shapes the figure in a great way.

Stress out

Sport secretes a hormone, happiness, which makes us feel better. Exercise is one of the escape routes to escape from daily stress. Exercise clears the mind and body, and offers a great amount of well-being to rest, be mentally well and be able to continue with our tasks as normal.

Achievement of goals

The competition and the desire to improve you are good. Sport is indicated to follow certain objectives and meet them. With this we achieve the goals that we set ourselves and it helps us to follow rules to be rigid and to be able to also face objectives in life. The effort and dedication of sport are transferred to the work and personal sphere.

Have fun

Many people exercise for the sake of entertainment. Doing an activity, turning a discipline into a hobby and having fun with it is another of the motivations for doing sports in the New Year.

Sharing hobbies, sociability

The sport can be done alone or in a group. In the second group we find people who share their hobbies with other like-minded people. In this way, sociability increases and group classes foster friendships beyond sports classes.

Benefits of exercising

Reduction of heart-related diseases

One of the advantages of sport is that it can be practiced by people of different ages. From children, to adolescents, adults and the elderly. One benefit is that moderate physical activity reduces cardiovascular mortality by 50% in those over 65 years of age, being a complete prevention for coronary diseases. As a result, cholesterol and the risk of diabetes and hypertension are reduced.

Psychological improvements

It has also been shown that for people who have certain diseases, related to body aches, among others, exercising greatly reduces the stress they may suffer. Psychological improvements for patients who have some type of mental illness also advance thanks to exercise.

Less pain

Exercise is something prescribed by doctors and physiotherapists in people who have muscle pain or osteoarthritis type. Thanks to its practice, patients reduce these pains and obtain great benefits on a motor and mental level.

Fitness improvement

It is noteworthy that if we practice sports in this year that begins, we will generally improve our form and physical resistance and we will help to maintain a body weight within our standards, according to the physical conditions of each one. With exercise, muscle tone and strength are increased, flexibility is improved and there is less feeling of fatigue.

Good memory

It has also been shown that people who play sports have better retention and develop memory. They also increase alertness, improve coordination, and increase general well-being.


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