On a previous occasion we have explained some basic tips to prevent the flu, especially because with the arrival of cold, autumn and winter, there are several diseases typical of these seasons that can appear in the little ones.

One of them is the flu, for which, for example, there are some very useful home remedies for the flu that can be interesting for many people, especially to try to fight it in a natural and homemade way.

In any case, it is best to always try to prevent the flu, especially in the little ones. To achieve this, there are a series of basic recommendations, tips and tricks that many mothers should follow.

But how can we prevent flu in children? Are there basic tips that give us the possibility of preventing childhood flu?

Prevent flu in children

  • Teach your little one that when sneezing or coughing, always use tissues that you can throw away later. It is even more advisable to keep it in a bag and then throw it away. In this way you reinforce the protection.
  • Try to increase and take care of his personal hygiene. A more than useful option has to do with washing your hands frequently, especially when you go out or – more particularly – when you are sick.
  • It is best if you sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow, keeping your hands clean and helping you avoid spreading the flu to other children.

In addition to these basic tips that will give you the possibility of preventing flu in children in a healthy, natural and above all safe way, it is extremely useful to ventilate the rooms where the little one plays and sleeps.

As well as, above all, cleaning the surfaces frequently so that the bacteria and viruses themselves cannot “camp” at their ease.


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