Nutrition and DietPrecautions with eggs in summer

Precautions with eggs in summer

Hygiene tips to prevent egg poisoning in summer, a fundamental issue if we take into account that eggs are a food with a high risk in summer, since if precautions are not taken it can lead to salmonellosis or gastroenteritis.

With the arrival of summer, it is common for many people to enjoy a few days or weeks of rest away from home, being quite common to spend whole days on the beach or in the pool.

In these cases, it is common that the diet we follow is not as balanced as one would expect, since we usually throw out tppers or eat out at beach bars or restaurants.

Be that as it may, the truth is that we must pay special attention to food poisoning in summer, a time when it is common for cases of gastroenteritis to increase, since high temperatures favor the proliferation of bacteria in many foods.

Hence, it is vital to follow a series of tips or basic eating habits to prevent food poisoning. In the case of eggs, for example, prevention must be greater, since it is one of the most dangerous foods.

The danger of eggs in summer

While it is true that eggs are considered an extremely healthy nutritious food, it is true that during the summer we must pay attention to maintaining greater hygiene than the rest of the year.

Why? Mainly because the egg transmits salmonellosis, whose symptoms are quite similar to those of gastroenteritis, but much more dangerous, since if it is not treated in time it can infect the blood. Hence, at the slightest symptom it is essential to go to the doctor.

Main precautions to take into account with eggs in summer

  • Expiration date and packaging: it is essential that the eggs you buy always bear these two dates, as they will indicate not only the date they have been packaged, but until which day it is safe to consume them.
  • Where to keep them: Eggs should always be kept in the fridge once they have been purchased, since it is the best way to ensure that they have an optimal temperature.
  • Is it good to wash them? Although it was once thought that it was hygienic to wash eggs, the truth is that this habit can become a serious danger, since we will destroy their protective film.
  • If you are going to make tortillas: it is convenient that you set them well. It is not recommended to let them rest in the same dish in which you previously beat the eggs.
  • If you are going to prepare mayonnaises, creams or sauces: it is advisable to put them quickly in the fridge until the moment they are going to be consumed. In case there is excess, it is not a good idea to keep them in the fridge.
  • If you eat out: it is not recommended that you order dishes with eggs or homemade mayonnaise, since if there are risks at home, imagine in a restaurant, bar or beach bar where you cannot measure the hygiene that has been carried out.


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