What are the benefits of having pets? Discover in this post their virtues for both physical and mental health, and find out why it is so good to have them at home.

There is no doubt that there is nothing better than giving and receiving love. And pets are the best example: being able to take care of them and pamper them fills us with pure, sincere and transparent love. In my case I have 4 cats, and I can assure you that adopting them and giving them shelter has been the best thing I have ever done. Why? Very simple: not only because I know that they are in a house where they are loved unconditionally and are also protected, but also because the benefits they bring are mutual.

On the one hand, they fill me with positive thoughts, help reduce stress and anxiety and also make me feel better about myself. On the other, with their company they let us know that they are there, grateful precisely for accompanying us day by day.

It is true that having a pet at home involves work and money; since we must always be responsible and ensure that they are properly vaccinated, healthy and well fed. In the case of a dog, for example, we must have time to be able to take it out for a walk several times a day; and in the event that it is a cat (as it is mine), they must have a suitable environment so that it feels as comfortable and protected as possible.

Whether you don’t have a pet yet and are thinking of adopting one, or if you already have one, here are some of the physical and mental benefits they bring you.

  • They help relieve stress and anxiety: different scientific studies have shown that petting a pet helps us relax, generating positive feelings and thoughts. We can say that they help us in turn to feel happier.
  • They help increase our self-esteem: precisely by making we feel accompanied and loved. In the case of dogs, for example, there is nothing better than coming home after a stressful day and knowing that they will jump for joy when they see us. In the case of cats, although their reception is not so effusive, I am sure that when they see us they will approach us (at least mine do, always waiting for me at the door when they hear me arrive with the car).
  • They help us to be more sociable: since having to take the pet outside (for example the dog), they help us establish conversations in the park or on our street with other people who are also doing the same.
  • They help us practice more physical exercise: especially in the case of dogs, since having to take them outside for a walk forces us to exercise, even if it’s just walking.

Don’t you think that these are enough reasons to have a pet at home? Of course, I personally recommend active adoption and not buying it. Why buy pets in stores when unfortunately there are many abandoned on the street or in shelters?


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