Achieving a perfect summer weight is possible with following a healthy diet and healthy lifestyles. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy a healthy weight in summer if you follow tips and health advice like the ones we propose.

Whenever the good weather begins, and especially shortly before the summer officially begins (and the long-awaited and long-awaited summer holidays), there are many people who propose to follow the so-called bikini operation.

Basically, it consists of following a weight loss plan that aims to lose weight easily.  However, in most cases not only is an effective weight loss not achieved, but that loss ultimately translates into an increase in final weight due to what is known as the rebound effect.

This means that the diet that has been followed has not only been ineffective, but ultimately it is not an ideal diet to lose weight little by little and in moderation, without producing possible nutritional deficits and precisely avoiding that increase in weight after finishing with her.

When it comes to reaching the ideal weight (you can learn more about the ideal weight in men and the ideal weight in women ), and to achieve and enjoy a true perfect weight in summer, it is best to follow a series of dietary and health tips and advice. Health that help in a positive way.

Tips to get a perfect weight in summer

  • Eat 5 meals a day: A scientific study has recently been published that has confirmed with evidence what many health specialists and nutritionists have advocated for years.  By eating 5 meals a day we redistribute the calories we consume, so we avoid feeling hungry (and thus eating in large quantities and in excess), and our body is practically all day “busy” burning fat.
  • Follow a balanced and healthy diet: When it comes to losing weight, it is not a good idea to follow a strict diet, especially since it can lead to dangerous nutritional deficits.  The best? Follow a balanced diet, rich in healthy and healthy foods and eat everything but in small quantities.
  • Do not go hungry: many people mistakenly think that if they go hungry and skip a meal they will lose weight, but this is a mistake, since our body will tend to store even more fat and not use it. In addition, when we get to the next meal we will be even hungrier, so we will end up overeating and will not be able to control our appetite.
  • Drink liquids: although it is advisable to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of liquids a day (water, teas, infusions, juices …), in summer we must even increase this amount, especially on hotter days.


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