The Passionflower or Passiflora is a perfect climbing liana against anxiety, the stress, insomnia and awakenings both nighttime and early. As we can see throughout this note, these are some of its most important properties and benefits.

The passion flower is a climbing vine native to Mexico mainly. Not in vain, it was used by the Aztecs for its clear sedative properties, and then the Spanish Jesuits were the ones who introduced it to Europe with the name of the passion flower.

Its aerial part has alkaloids and flavonoids that, in themselves, would be responsible for its effect on sleep disorders (insomnia, nocturnal and early awakenings), helping in the progressive restoration of a repaired and quality sleep, especially in those who suffer from insomnia.

As we indicated at the beginning of this note, passionflower is recommended in cases of  anxiety and stress, or even in cases of frequent night awakenings.

Passionflower is also known to be effective in treating nerve spasms, and is an excellent remedy in the sometimes difficult process of getting rid of pharmacological treatments.


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