Oranges are especially rich in vitamin C and potassium, which help boost the immune system naturally. Learn about their virtues for defenses and why they are ideal during the fall and winter months.

Autumn has finally settled in our lives. And so we can see it these days where the temperatures are much lower in the morning and where the sun begins to fall after seven in the afternoon.

It is a time when it is time to take long pants out of the closet along with a good jacket and scarf from which you will have to remove all the dust that they have collected during the summer. Especially if we live in cities in the north of Spain where mercury can be perfectly close to zero degrees.

In this sense, it is very normal that during this time of year our entire immune system  gradually weakens due to sudden changes in temperature. This situation can cause after we suffer a viral process in the form of flu or cold that can be the most annoying if we do not know how to cure them effectively.

And did you know that oranges can become our allies? Its contribution in vitamin C and other natural antioxidants are very useful to strengthen our defenses. And, in addition, they are delicious for breakfast or as a snack.

Why do oranges strengthen our defenses?

And you? Are you tired of suffering from this condition and do you want to at least prevent its symptoms? Well, strongly recommend that you increase your consumption of oranges, a fruit that has become the “queen” of autumn and winter due to its more than important health benefits. And then we will tell you some of them:

  • High vitamin C content. We have explained it to you countless times. Vitamin C is a natural nutrient that will help considerably to strengthen our entire immune system and therefore will reduce the chances of us catching a cold or flu.
  • Very rich in antioxidants. Oranges are also a powerhouse of antioxidants like beta carotenes. These natural components will make all our muscles and organs more resistant to cold and temperature changes. And they also help prevent lung and throat cancer. Antioxidants also maintain mucous membranes and strengthen our skin.
  • Blocks the appearance of free radicals. Free radicals are known as all those components that make us more exposed to diseases from alcohol and tobacco consumption. In short, thanks to the consumption of oranges, we will get rid of toxins that can be the most harmful.
  • Source of thiamine and folates. Thanks to these two components that are very present in vitamin B1 and B6, we will achieve a greater synthesis of iron while at the same time we secrete hemoglobin. This is a natural enzyme that is responsible for effectively transporting oxygen to all the cells of the body so that they are much more resistant to the attack of viruses.

Some ideas to benefit from all the advantages of oranges

Surely after reading these lines it has become much clearer to you the amount of benefits that oranges contain when it comes to strengthening our entire immune system. For this reason, we are going to end to tell you about the different ways that exist to enjoy all the advantages that this fruit offers us:

In a rich natural juice

Surely many of you love to start the day with a rich and delicious orange juice. And the truth is that we understand you perfectly.

They have a very sweet taste while at the same time giving us a shot of extra energy to start the day with well-charged batteries. All this while we strengthen our defenses from the morning. And if it is without sugar and with pulp, then much better.

As a dessert in our lunches and dinners

If you can’t finish any of your meals with a good piece of fruit, we highly recommend  grabbing a good orange now that fall has just begun. In this way, you will surely be less exposed to flu and colds as we have explained in the first point.

To the rich Macedonian

What do you think of the idea of ​​enjoying all the benefits of a multitude of fruits such as apple, pear, banana, kiwi and orange? Sounds good right? Well, it is something that you can achieve if you put them all together in a rich fruit salad. The truth is that it is a dessert as healthy as it is delicious with which you will get an inexhaustible source of vitamins and minerals. So why are you waiting to try it?


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