The onion has a series of benefits and properties that make it an extremely healthy food for health. Know what their most important virtues are.

The onion is without a place one of the most used vegetables in any gastronomy around the world. It is capable of providing a very characteristic flavor to any meat and fish while at the same time it is used as the main ingredient to create salads, sauces and all kinds of stews and soups.

In short, what is known as ‘allium cepa’ is a herbaceous plant that has been accompanying us for millennia, precisely when it began to be exported directly from the Asian continent thanks to the heyday of trade that was carried out by the Greeks and Romans of That moment.

And what has been the success of the onion? Surely many of you will ask. Well, its advantages are not only found in its texture and flavor. This plant also contains a multitude of benefits for our health that must be taken into account when eating a healthy and balanced diet.

And we can not only consume it in the kitchen as we usually do. Did you know that we can also prepare a wonderful onion syrup, with antitussive and antibacterial qualities?

Nutritional information of the onion that you should know

For this reason, through the following article we will first delve into this topic to finally close the article and detail the amount of properties that exist when ingesting it. So we are going to ask you not to lose sight of the following lines because everything that we are going to tell you about the onion is going to be of great use to you.

Onion is very rich in vitamins A, B, C and E

Who would have thought that a plant as small as this could contain all kinds of nutrients so beneficial to our health. And it is that the onion is very rich in vitamins of the type A, B, C and E that will help us to gain in quality of life. In fact, it has antioxidant properties while also being the most beneficial for our nervous system.

For its part, vitamin C and E strengthen all our defenses, something that will make us less exposed to colds and flu.

High content of all types of minerals

The onion is also an inexhaustible source of minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium that are essential to treat some diseases such as anemia.

For its part, potassium participates in a correct osmotic balance and regulates all our blood pressure. Lastly, magnesium strengthens all of our bones and teeth while at the same time accelerating the synthesis of all the proteins and fats that we eat throughout the day.

It also contains fiber and amino acids

The onion is a plant that also contains a high content of fiber and amino acids that will provide us with all kinds of benefits for our health. First of all, this plant will help us say goodbye to certain stomach problems such as diarrhea or constipation.

It also promotes digestion even after having eaten a copious or too spicy meal and eliminates toxins and bacteria that adhere to our intestines.

It is made almost 90% water

Did you know that onion is made up of almost 90% water? For this reason, it goes without saying that it will be most useful for you to say goodbye to the fluid retention that is so annoying and that can lead to more serious pathologies such as swelling of the extremities such as edema. Likewise, it is also very useful to take care of our line and lose those extra kilos.

The incredible properties of onion

In short, all the nutrients in the onion will make us strengthen our entire organism while at the same time we can treat some conditions such as those that we are going to describe below:

  • Helps treat diabetes. This is because onion also lowers blood glucose levels while also cleansing and removing all toxins from the blood. It is also hypocaloric due to and therefore should be taken into account if you suffer from obesity or high cholesterol.
  • It is good against diarrhea. The onion also turns out to be a great natural antiseptic since it eliminates all the bacteria and germs that lodge in our intestines. For this reason, it is advisable to have an onion soup and you will see how your stomach will thank you and you will be able to go to the bathroom much more frequently.
  • It is beneficial to enjoy a proper functioning of the kidneys. As we have explained in the previous point, the onion has diuretic properties that will help us say goodbye to fluid retention, a situation that will allow our kidneys and liver to always function completely normally.
  • To fight colon and stomach cancer. It has been shown that the sulfur compounds in onion also help to significantly reduce the appearance of cancer cells that occur so much when we neglect our diet completely.


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