The OCU has denounced today the existence of olive oil brands that deceive the consumer, since they sell olive oils as if they were extra, when in reality they are virgin. Know the list denounced by the OCU.

Today, October 25, 2012, it has been known that the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has accused nine brands of olive oil of deceiving the consumer by selling products labeled under the variety ‘extra virgin olive oil ‘when your category is simply’ virgin ‘.

This translates to the end consumer in that the products that are marketed are sold at a higher price (about one euro more), when in reality their oil is of lower quality.

The OCU has pointed out that it is not a security problem, but a real “pocket trick”, given that the average price of a liter of virgin oil is around 2.38 euros, while that of extra virgin reaches 3, 32 euros.

The organization has reached this conclusion after carrying out chemical and organoleptic analyzes on a total of 40 brands, of which 34 were indeed extra virgin olive oil and 6 only virgin.

What are the brands that supposedly deceive the consumer according to the OCU?

Here is the list of the 11 olive oil brands that allegedly, and always according to the OCU, deceive the consumer:

  • Alizada (The English Court)
  • Arteoliva
  • Consum
  • Condis
  • Coosur
  • Eroski
  • Hojiblanca (in plastic container)
  • Olisone (Lidl)
  • Ybarra

In addition, the OCU has also denounced that the extra virgin olive oil marketed under the ‘Maeva’ brand and the virgin under the ‘Olilán’ brand are actually lampante oils, not suitable for sale.

The OCU has made it known to the National Institute of Consumption and the Ministry of Agriculture, so that they can finally determine whether or not an infringement has been committed, and if appropriate, sanction the brands that have been able to deceive the consumer.


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