Oil of oregano is a yellow liquid with incredible healing benefits and preventive properties, ideal against many disorders and health problems. We discover its most important qualities.

It is quite likely that, right now, you have a wide variety of culinary herbs and spices in your kitchen, possibly including oregano. Used since ancient times and having a truly privileged position in Greek mythology, where it is said that it was created by the goddess Aphrodite in order to make the human being happier, today it is essential to have a branch of this plant in the kitchen.

It is usually used as a flavoring in the preparation of a wide variety of dishes and recipes, especially to flavor meat dishes. It also becomes a popular option when preparing pizzas and pastas, thanks to its flavoring qualities, especially on tomato sauces.

Scientifically known by the name of Organum vulgare, the plant from which oregano is traditionally obtained stands out for being a small, thick and short shrub that does not tend to exceed 45 centimeters in height. Its leaves are oval and wide, and it also has red or white flowers. These leaves are those that are traditionally used as a condiment, whether fresh or dried, but dry they stand out precisely because they provide a greater aroma and flavor.

With oregano leaves, a wonderful oil is made that can be used in the kitchen, or from a therapeutic point of view in the most natural medicine, thanks to the different curative or preventive properties it possesses.

The benefits of oregano oil

Antibiotic qualities

Oregano oil stands out for being a wonderful natural antibiotic, thanks to its high content of carvacrol, one of the most powerful active principles found in its essential oil.

This compound acts as an antibiotic, being very useful when it comes to fighting one of the most dangerous bacteria, as it is resistant to methicillin: MRSA.

Anti-inflammatory effects, useful for pain relief

In addition to its antibiotic qualities, oregano oil is also useful for pain relief, acting as an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. For this reason its use is interesting to treat pain typical of arthritis, rheumatism and muscle pain.

To enjoy this quality, for example, simply perform relaxing massages on the muscle or joint area where the pain is located, and apply it in the form of massages for at least 15 minutes.

Fight bad breath and oral problems

Oregano oil is ideal when it comes to fighting halitosis (bad breath), thanks to its wonderful flavoring and flavoring qualities. But its qualities do not end here, since it is also useful to naturally treat many oral problems, such as mouth ulcers and blisters or gum problems.

Ideal for skin care

Believe it or not, did you know that oregano oil is an excellent natural product when it comes to caring for and treating different skin problems?

For example, its use is very interesting when treating acne and pimples (or blackheads), thanks mainly to its antibiotic qualities, therefore ideal to avoid skin infections.

Helps fight and eliminate candida

An investigation found that  oregano oil is capable of combating, eliminating and destroying the Candida globate fungus, which is characterized by being resistant to treatment with fluconazole.


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