Not all losses have to be bad. In fact, many of them can help us grow and learn from experiences and situations.

Throughout our lives we will meet thousands of people. Many of them will be like family and will be by our side forever. Others will simply be mere friends and due to the circumstances of life we ​​will not see them again. We will also meet quite a few couples and despite the fact that many of them perjure “eternal love” in a short time their feelings will change.

The truth is that they should not be blamed for this as it is something that can happen to anyone. For this reason, these situations must be taken in perspective. Ok, at first they can be painful, but if one thing I have learned after some relationships is that no one dies from lack of love and sooner or later they get over it and get ahead.

Due to all these circumstances, we have found it most interesting to tell you why it is sometimes “healthier” to let someone who wants to leave our life let go, despite the fact that sometimes we do “the impossible” to make them stay. .

We don’t own anyone

This usually happens a lot in relationships. One of the parties stops having the same feelings as us and therefore makes the decision to “leave” us. At that moment the world falls on us since we cannot imagine our life without that loved one. He / She was our support and the person who made us feel truly special.

However, as I have told you, we do not need absolutely anyone to be completely happy and when someone we love decides to leave our life we ​​try to do the impossible so that it stays by our side. We even get angry with her because we don’t fully understand her decision, especially if we felt that she was comfortable with us.

In one way or another, there is no other option but to respect their opinion. The only thing this person is looking for is to be happy on their own. And it is something that we must abide by even if we don’t like it.

Start thinking about you

Irremediably, every time a friend or partner leaves us due to any circumstance, we experience moments of great internal grief. We martyr ourselves thinking if it was our fault and we try to do everything to make that person back down.

If it really has been your decision and we have not interfered in it at all. What is the use of martyring you? We have to realize that if a person really loves you or loves you, they would not leave your side so easily. Doing so does not make you a better or a worse person. Take it as that both parties are going to take different paths by the simple whim of fate.

Once you begin to understand it, you can begin to be happy again. In the case of love disappointments, it is very important to reconnect with yourself. And for this, it is a good idea to resume old hobbies, and go out more with friends and acquaintances that for whatever reason we had a little abandoned. Surely in the long run you will feel better and you will come out of that well from which you thought it was impossible to get out

More people will come into your life

The good thing about living in a world inhabited by more than six billion people is that it is very difficult to get bored or stop meeting new people. If someone decides to leave and close the door, be sure that sooner or later someone else will cross your path. We will not know if it will be better or worse. But it will bring you quite different things that the other did not have.

And this is precisely one of the great “advantages” of letting go of anyone who decides to take a different path from ours. With each person you can develop more aspects of your personality, something that will help you get to know yourself much more and therefore become a much fuller person. Once you get it, you just have to share that “happiness” with all those people who freely decide to stay by your side.


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