BreastfeedingNipple confusion syndrome and when to pump

Nipple confusion syndrome and when to pump

Nipple confusion syndrome is common in breastfed and formula-fed babies. Find out what it is and when to use the breast pump.

Many babies have problems feeding directly from their mother’s breast, so it is normal for mothers to go to the pediatrician or midwife for advice on feeding their little one.

When a baby does not breastfeed properly or the mother suffers from sore nipples due to the way her baby sucks, it is convenient that feeding is complemented with other methods without confusing the baby.

The best way to complement breastfeeding is to try to feed the baby without interfering with the sucking of the nipple, normally the syringe method is usually very useful for those little ones who cannot catch the nipple well.

The preemies are also the most affected during lactation because they have less grip and can harm the mother, so the syringe can be the best choice to feed them.

What is nipple confusion syndrome?

The syndrome nipple confusion can occur when we feed the baby with the breast and the same time with a bottle.

Although many mothers use both methods because they have no choice, it can create some confusion when it comes to sucking on the nipple and teat.

To solve this problem, the syringe is used, although it cannot contain an adequate amount of milk, it will be administered little by little, always with the middle finger on the baby’s palate and letting the milk run through it.

Syringe-nipple method

The appropriate syringes for feeding the baby can be up to 60 cubic centimeters or smaller.

To be able to feed it with the syringe, it will be necessary to insert the middle finger into the baby’s mouth up to the palate, when the baby begins to suck, the milk will be allowed to flow through the finger to the baby’s mouth.

At the time of feeding the baby with this method we need both hands, to be comfortably seated and of course the baby is equally comfortable.

The syringe-nipple method is especially suitable for premature babies or those who mistake the nipple for the nipple.

So when to use a breast pump to use a bottle?

The breast pump is a device, which can be both manual and electric, specially developed to extract breast milk, thus becoming a tool that is extremely useful for many moms at certain times, and under certain circumstances. But, what are those moments in which the use of the breast pump is recommended, and essential?

Sometimes your breasts produce more milk than the baby can express during feedings. In these cases, the breasts are too full and you will notice that you need to resort to extraction to relieve the weight you feel on your breasts.

The breast pump is also appropriate for mothers to rest a little between feedings and provides the opportunity for parents to bottle their baby with breast milk. Of course, we must pay special attention to what is known as nipple confusion syndrome.

As we have already mentioned before, it consists in that when breastfeeding is not yet fully implanted (because the baby is still newborn and we have not yet achieved it), if we use the bottle and combine it with the breast we can get confused to the little one.

In these cases, the most useful thing would be to use a syringe, useful for babies who find it difficult to catch the nipple well, and therefore have not yet learned to do so.

Using the aid of a breast pump and filling the bottle to feed the baby does not have to cause a rejection in the baby when it comes to breastfeeding again. When the breasts are very full of milk, the baby may find it more difficult to grasp the nipple correctly, so it is advisable before hitting the baby to squeeze the nipples a little to extract some milk before starting.


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