The myths surrounding ice cream are as varied as its flavors. And it is that over the years a series of erroneous beliefs about ice cream have been accumulating that, in most cases, are not true.

During the hottest months of the year, it is advisable to keep in mind a series of essential and useful summer cares when it comes to taking care of our health on the hottest days.

And it is that taking into account that during the summer, when we sweat, we tend to lose a lot of fluids, among other aspects it becomes essential to drink at least 2 liters of fluids a day. In addition, if we are going to sunbathe, the most useful thing is to keep in mind the best times to sunbathe and how to protect the skin from the sun.

But going back to the beginning, a useful – and also nutritious – way of taking the fluids that our body needs in spring or summer, and also refreshing ourselves, is through ice cream.

Although there is a lot of talk about the calories in ice cream, the truth is that having ice cream ice lilies does not provide hardly any calories. Of course, there is a difference with cream or cream ice creams, which provide between 200 and 250 calories per 100 grams. In these cases, the best option is to take light ice cream, as long as we do not want to increase its caloric value.

However, if we stick to the different nutritional values ​​of ice cream, the truth is that consumed in moderation, in addition to calcium (if they are ice cream made with milk), they provide other essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals if they contain fruit.

If you are as passionate about ice cream as we are, you will surely be interested in learning about the myths about ice cream that have always surrounded these delicious desserts.  We expose you the most curious and classic.

Top myths about ice cream:

Ice cream increases cholesterol.

While it is true that we can find cholesterol in ice cream or frozen shakes made with dairy, the reality is that its presence is not very high. It is even vastly less than what we find in dairy itself.

However, it is best to opt for light ice creams, made from skimmed milk, or ice creams made from water.

Ice cream makes you fat.

Although it is a reality rather than a myth, we should not exaggerate in this regard, since consuming it in moderation and not every day, ice cream will not have negative consequences for our weight.

Ice cream does not provide nutritional values.

Absolutely false. Unlike what may come to be thought, the truth is that ice cream made with dairy products has a very important nutritional value, since in addition to being rich in calcium and protein, they provide B vitamins, such as vitamin B2.

Ice cream is bad for the throat.

Surely you will find it incredible that a singer takes ice cream to improve his voice when his throat feels tired. And it is that unlike what is believed in relation to ice cream and throat, the reality is that the cold of ice cream is useful to relieve inflammation of the throat and mouth.

People with diabetes cannot eat ice cream.

Depending on the carbohydrates to be consumed, this belief will depend on each patient.

In case, of course, the diabetic has a moderate intake of carbohydrates, ice cream helps this contribution to be much better than that made through somewhat simpler carbohydrates.


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