Emotion and MindMusic is the medicine of the soul

Music is the medicine of the soul

Music relaxes us, calms us down, makes us feel better, and can also help us sleep. It also activates us and causes us states of emotion and happiness.

It is 7 in the morning on a Monday, you have thousands of things to do at work and you are already overwhelmed thinking that you will not have time to complete them all. Faced with this situation, a feeling of stress and total overwhelm invades you. The worst thing is that you think that this will not go until practically the end of the day. However, when you get to your car to go to work and put your favorite song on the radio, you realize that all of a sudden all your problems are getting “smaller”.

How is this possible if a couple of minutes ago I was with a most pessimistic thought? How have I been able to change my mood so quickly? Well friends, this is thanks to music, a “very powerful” weapon capable of putting our self-esteem and confidence through the roof. Would you like to know why? Well, through these lines we tell you.

Music evokes past emotions

This is one of the reasons why when we suffer from heartbreak, we like to listen to all kinds of romantic and melancholic songs. These evoke all those happy moments we spent with that dear person. They take us to those moments when our partner loved us and gave us all his affection and love.

Therefore, it can be said that human beings in general are a bit “masochistic” in that regard. We love to reminisce about happier times to reinforce the idea that any time past was better.

However, we could use music to achieve the opposite effect. That is, at the precise moment that a feeling of melancholy, sadness or pessimism invades us, it is best to use a song that causes something completely different in us. A clear example of this can be from childhood songs or those songs that we used to listen to when we went out with our friends or simply when we were reading a book at home.

With music we secrete dopamine

Do you remember when in past articles we told you that exercising secretes high doses of dopamine? Well, exactly the same thing happens with music. This is “guilty” that when we are sad and we play one of our favorite songs, we feel better from the moment we hit it.

The reason for this is because with music we secrete what is commonly known as the “gland of happiness”, a substance in our brain that we also produce when we eat something delicious, have sex or play any sport. In short, from here we encourage you to try to play music, whatever genre it is, and surely sooner or later you will see the results.

Music makes us more “human”

Each and every one of the sounds that exist in any song has a different effect according to the tastes and preferences of each person. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘Heavy Metal’ song or classical music by Vivaldi himself. In each of them there are music notes that are capable of provoking all kinds of emotions.

And this is precisely one of the most “powerful aspects of music”. Thanks to it, we will be able to relive emotions that were buried inside us and that on many occasions we did not know existed. And surely sooner or later we will feel much more “human”, a feeling that is also achieved when we make peace with a friend, or do a favor to an unknown person in a completely disinterested way.

Now that you have already known all the benefits that music in general can bring you, you just have to connect to YouTube, Spotify or derivatives, make a playlist called “Music to be happy” and we are very sure that you can start your next days with much more strength. What about you? What kind of songs do you feel good about? We would love to read your recommendations!


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