Both phototherapy and more natural medicine offer us a whole set of useful plants and herbs to reduce the symptoms and discomfort that appear during menopause.

Phototherapy and natural home remedies based on preparations with plants and medicinal herbs can help you better cope with the symptoms associated with climacteric, which at times can become extremely annoying.

The climacteric is the stage in which the woman’s menstruation begins to disappear little by little until it disappears completely, going through three well-differentiated phases during this period of time, premenopausal, menopause, and postmenopausal.

Uncomfortable hot flashes make their appearance from the first phase, in premenopausal; they appear especially at night with the consequent loss of sleep.

To alleviate these hot flashes, we reveal a series of medicinal plants and herbs with properties that will help you improve both hot flashes and other symptoms.

The plants that we will detail below contain is flavones, phytoestrogens, and diuretic, antioxidant, depurative, blood pressure regulator, anticoagulant properties, to maintain cholesterol at optimal levels, to calm anxiety, nervousness, irritability, to sleep better.

With these plants we can make infusions, also take them in the form of drops, or capsules that we can easily get in natural product stores such as herbalists, Para pharmacies, pharmacies, online natural product stores.

Know the plants that can help you during this stage


Sage is a plant that will help relieve hot flashes since its leaves contain phytoestrogens; it is also suitable for calming abdominal cramps because it also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

With this plant we can make infusions, with a teaspoon of leaves of this plant for each cup of water that we are going to prepare.

We can also get this plant in capsules and in extract or drops that we will take following the indications that are prescribed to us when buying them.


This plant contains is flavones in its root, it is indicated to attenuate hot flashes as well as for gynecological disorders, for vaginal dryness, dry skin, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to calm headaches.

You can get this plant to make a decoction with the root, and in capsules.

The consumption of this plant should not exceed 6 months, and we recommend following the guidelines for use indicated at the time of purchase.

Green Tea

Green tea: it is an excellent antioxidant, diuretic, and helps reduce bad cholesterol, you can drink a cup of green tea a day. For example, this plant in creams is very effective for cases of cellulite.

Red clover

Red clover contains phytoestrogens, it is effective in relieving hot flashes, it also helps improve digestive functions, and to prevent osteoporosis.

With red clover we can prepare infusions, using a teaspoon of red clover for each cup of water that we need to prepare.

We can take this infusion three times a day and we can also get red clover in capsule form.


Garlic has medicinal properties that act as a vasodilator and anticoagulant, helping the blood to flow properly thus preventing the formation of thrombi, garlic is also a hypotensive, and helps reduce bad cholesterol.

Garlic should not be missing from the diet, and we can also get it in capsules.


Valerian is an appropriate plant to calm the nerves, relax anxiety states and help to fall asleep, also to calm abdominal cramps.

We can take this plant in the form of an infusion by putting a teaspoon of this plant for each cup of water to prepare or in capsules and take it three times a day.


Hops have calming properties, it is indicated to reduce anxiety, irritability, and nerves and helps you fall asleep, and it is also indicated to relieve hot flashes.

We can get this plant to prepare infusions, adding a teaspoon of hops for each cup of water and you can take it three times a day. You can also get it in extract or capsules.

Some tips to relieve hot flashes

In addition to resorting to all these medicinal plants, some home tricks can also help you get through hot flashes better:

  • When you are experiencing hot flashes, putting a towel soaked in cold water around your neck can help cool you down.
  • Keep the spaces of the house where you are well ventilated.
  • Avoid eating too much, eat little, and eat light meals.
  • Avoid foods with fats, as well as those that are very spicy or seasoned.
  • Also avoid very hot drinks, when it comes to drinking warm infusions, since being hot causes the body to generate more heat.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages.
  • Perform relaxation exercises that will help us control breathing, and relax; these breathing exercises can be practiced while hot flashes occur, breathing deeply for a few minutes.


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