Magnesium chloride is a compound of chlorine and magnesium that provides incredible health benefits. We will discover its properties and what contraindications it presents.

The magnesium chloride is a chemical compound which is formed by chlorine and magnesium. Although it is a compound that actually has a wide variety of applications in industry, it becomes an excellent compound for our health, insofar as it fulfills a series of very important functions in the body.

In fact, did you know that many diseases appear as a result of the deficiency in our daily diet of magnesium chloride? The absence of adequate amounts also influences, so that our own body is not able to take full advantage of it.

It is precisely the properties of magnesium chloride that determine that it is a compound that could not be lacking in a varied and balanced diet. But as with any other active principle, we must bear in mind that it presents a series of certain contraindications.

The benefits of magnesium chloride

Excellent for good kidney health

Magnesium chloride is an excellent natural option when it comes to activating and vitalizing the different and different functions of the kidneys, being especially suitable when it comes to stimulating kidney functions. In addition, it works positively to eliminate the acid that accumulates in these organs.

Against fatigue and tiredness

If you have been feeling fatigued or very tired from a muscular point of view for some time, magnesium chloride is suitable because it helps heal muscle injuries, while acting as an excellent preventive of fatigue, muscle tiredness and cramps.

For example, its regular consumption is especially interesting for athletes, and for those who carry out a high physical performance. It also helps to strengthen muscles, helping them to maintain and develop properly.

Reduce the cholesterol

In case of high cholesterol, magnesium chloride is useful to reduce high levels of LDL cholesterol (also known as bad cholesterol), especially when its consumption is regular.

Blood purifying

Magnesium chloride is a good blood purifier, helping to maintain clean blood, which in turn is helpful in balancing the pH of the blood.

Mental balance, good against depression and anxiety

Since it helps to vitalize the different brain functions, as well as the transmission of nerve impulses, it is excellent for providing mental balance. In turn, it helps fight depression, stress and anxiety in a totally natural way.

Good for bones and against osteoarthritis

While it helps to cure osteoarthritis caused by decalcification, it contributes to the good maintenance of both bones and teeth in normal conditions, participating very actively in the formation of firm and strong bones.

How to take magnesium chloride?

There are several options when it comes to preparing and taking magnesium chloride.  Mainly because in herbalists and specialized stores you can buy crystallized magnesium chloride for its preparation at home, already prepared, or for its consumption in tablets.

We explain below how to prepare it if you choose to buy crystallized magnesium chloride:

  • How to prepare the crystallized magnesium chloride: you only need 30 grams of crystallized magnesium chloride and 1 liter of water. In a saucepan, bring a liter of water to a boil, and when it boils turn off the heat and let it cool down a bit. Then put the water in a glass container and dissolve the crystallized magnesium chloride. Mix well, cover and store.
  • And how to take it? : Its consumption is recommended after the age of 35, although it can also be taken earlier. If you are less than this age, it is advisable to take half a tablespoon of magnesium chloride. While, from the age of 35, it is advisable to take between one to two tablespoons a day.

Magnesium Chloride for Weight Loss

Recently it is very common to observe that magnesium chloride is used in weight loss diets, for its supposed slimming qualities. But is it true that it helps you lose weight?

We can discover a series of benefits that make magnesium chloride effectively useful for weight loss, especially when it is consumed as a dietary supplement. The most interesting are the following:

  • Reduce anxiety and avoid overeating:  magnesium chloride is useful to alleviate the anxiety that we may feel when eating, especially when that anxiety leads us to overeat and compulsive. What’s more, it helps the proper functioning of the nerves and acts as a natural relaxant.
  • It acts as a mild laxative:  this quality means that it helps in a natural way when it comes to fighting constipation, so it will be useful to avoid bloating.

Contraindications of magnesium chloride

There are several contraindications presented by magnesium chloride. Among the most important we can mention above all two:

  • Renal failure: despite being a good active ingredient for the proper functioning of the kidneys, since it can form kidney stones, it is not recommended in case of kidney failure.
  • Diarrhea: being a natural laxative, its consumption is not recommended in case of diarrhea.
  • Colitis: in the same way that the consumption of magnesium chloride is not recommended in case of diarrhea, it is not recommended in case of colitis either.


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