Table of foods with low glycemic or glycemic index, to consume low GI foods rich in slow-absorbing carbohydrates.

The glycemic index is a useful system to quantify the glycemic response that a food has, based on the carbohydrates it has and the speed or slowness with which it is ingested and absorbed by our body.

Therefore, it is an adequate system when it comes to following a balanced, healthy and healthy diet, and essential for people who want to control or reduce their weight, or have diabetes.

In this sense, foods with a low glycemic index have slow absorption carbohydrates, which means that they are digested little by little, provide a greater feeling of satiety, help control our appetite and maintain our insulin levels in the blood. Constant.

The main objective, as you can imagine, is to try to consume these foods and add them to your daily diet, since they will be ideal for controlling your appetite and will help you prevent overweight and obesity, thanks especially to the fact that they are foods slow absorption.

In this sense, as you will see, they are basically healthy and healthy foods and generally low in calories.

Here is a complete table of foods with a low glycemic index.

Low glycemic index foods

Food IG


Cherries 22
Plum 38
Strawberries 40
Apple 39
Pear 37
Grapefruit 25
Quince 35
Tangerine 30
Raspberries 25
Blackberries 25
Gooseberries 25


Vegetables and greens


Artichoke fifteen
Celery fifteen
Broccoli 10
Onion 10
Brussels sprouts fifteen
Cauliflower fifteen
Asparagus fifteen
Lettuce fifteen
Peppers fifteen
Cabbage fifteen


Nuts, cereals and seeds


Flax seeds 35
Sesame seeds 35
Sunflower seeds 35
Yeast 35
Saved 30
Pistachios fifteen
Almonds fifteen
Hazelnuts fifteen
Pipes fifteen
Acorns fifteen
Peanuts fifteen
Pinions fifteen
Walnuts fifteen


Other foods


Dark chocolate 25
Unsweetened cocoa powder twenty
Unsweetened fruit jam 22
Sugar free ice cream 30



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