A long distance relationship does not mean the end of love at all. In fact, it can help strengthen ties. Discover useful tips that will help you.

Currently, more and more couples are forced to live their love hundreds and even thousands of kilometers apart, on many occasions due to work reasons. Contrary to what many people believe, a long distance love is possible and even the relationship can be much stronger than that of couples who are lucky enough to be together.

The figures are very encouraging; a study stated that 82% of long-distance relationships are successful and even 43% end in marriage.

Many times, maintaining a relationship at a distance allows you to assess certain aspects of the relationship that would not otherwise be valued. In addition, the fact of being forced to live their love apart can strengthen trust, increase communication as a couple and increase ingenuity when it comes to surprising the other person.

If you are living a long-distance love affair and you want the relationship to work, here are some tips that are sure to help you.

How to make a long distance relationship work?

Establish a schedule to communicate

Just because you and your partner are in different cities does not mean that you have to be on the phone 24 hours a day. Although it is true that nowadays applications such as WhatsApp allow quick communication, it is advisable that you also bet on talking with him or her by phone; Sometimes listening to the tone with which things are said helps avoid many misunderstandings.


It is important that you do not base your life fully on your partner. Find activities that you like and with which you feel comfortable and make the most of your free time.

Talk about the feelings

When a couple see each other on a daily basis, most of the time they avoid talking about their feelings because simply by looking at each other they know how they feel each other.

However, in a long distance relationship, it is best to share with your partner how you feel; if one day you are sad for any reason, it is best that you tell them. It’s a great way to see how your partner reacts in any type of situation.

Sexual aspect

The sex is one of the most important aspects in a relationship. Of course, if you are separated by many kilometers, things get complicated. Luckily, new technologies are on your side. Why not a virtual sex session?

If you’ve never tried this with your partner, maybe starting a video call is too rough. You can propose, first of all, a session of telephone sex in which you simply hear your voices. In this way, if you both like it and feel comfortable, you can go one step further and try virtual sex.


Of course, that you and your partner live miles apart does not mean that your relationship does not continue to be a relationship. Even from a distance, fidelity is still a fundamental aspect that you must take maximum care of.

In the same way, you must have full confidence in your partner; if you live continuously thinking that he or she will be unfaithful at some point, you will only get frustration and sadness to take over you.


The distance does not mean that you do not have a common future. Even in the distance, it is advisable that you talk about your future together; what are your plans, when do you want to see each other again. Communication is vital!

For a long-distance relationship to really work, it is important that it is fully consolidated. If not, it sure doesn’t take long for it to become a complete failure.

By accepting that you must live your relationship at a distance and with the advice that you have read, you can manage well that your partner is many miles away. What’s more, if you both manage to manage it correctly, when you get back together your relationship is much more consolidated, seamless. Many times the distance is the best test to really realize if you want to be together or not; you will learn to value each other.


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