Believe it or not, laughing at yourself is a wonderful and excellent option to better see our surroundings, and respond to problems and adversity. It offers us many advantages and helps us grow.

Many times I get up from the sofa or bed without wanting to do anything at all. From the moment that I think about the amount of things I have to do during the week, I sometimes get intoxicated by a quite considerable feeling of stress. The worst thing is that on many occasions I have to deal with all kinds of unexpected events that were not really on “my agenda.”

However, with the passage of time I have realized that if these problems do not have a solution, it is not worth it to put all our effort to solve them. In fact, one of the best ways to take some of the “iron out of it” is through laughter. But not just any one. This time I mean that laugh that comes from the depths of our being and that makes us make fun of ourselves a little.

Have you never tried it? Well, from Natursan we will tell you some of the many benefits that laughing at yourself has and that therefore you should be practicing in your daily life. If you do, you will surely face your problems with much more humor and optimism!

With humor everything is easier

Nobody said that nothing in this life would be easy. Anyone who wants something has to really pursue it. There is no use staying home and lamenting our bad luck. Don’t you realize that there are many more people in your same or worse situation? Given this, there is no other choice but to put all our effort and effort. Remember that the will moves mountains and therefore you must be aware that you are capable of anything.

If we add a pinch of humor to all this, you can be sure that everything will be much easier. You cannot imagine the power that a simple laugh can have. Numerous scientific studies from the most relevant universities in the world have concluded that laughter is like the “endorphin” of our brain. We are sure that many of you, after laughing out loud with any friend or family member, have felt much better afterwards, really well. Although in the process we have had to suffer all kinds of tummy aches.

Well, the same thing happens when we face any adversity in our lives. If we have been the cause of it, there is no choice but to find a solution as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can always laugh at yourself a little, thus getting to see everything from a more positive prism.

Your friends will thank you

When we meet our friends, we always seek to have a good time with them in order to disconnect a little from all our worries. The mere act of going outside, getting some fresh air, and meeting with “lifelong” friends will simply put all of our problems on the back burner.

And if you can already enjoy those companies that are capable of making you smile or laugh every time they tell a joke or anecdote, then better than better. With this we are not saying that you take everything as a joke. There will be situations in which you will have no choice but to be serious and keep your composure. However, if we are in a somewhat more relaxed and relaxed situation, it will not hurt to laugh a little since we are basically in this life to be happy.

If we add to this the ability to laugh at oneself, we have the complete certainty that your friends will thank you in the short term. What’s more, this will also help you to strengthen your ties even more and enjoy a much more lasting friendship..

Laughter therapy has been postulated as one of the great ways to strengthen our self-esteem and confidence. No one knows yourself better than yourself. Hence, it is extremely important to practice laughter therapy from time to time whenever any problematic situation presents us. When you overcome it with humor and optimism, in the long run both your self-esteem and confidence will be reinforced.

Have you already realized the amount of benefits that exist when it comes to laughing yourself? If you have never tried it, from here we encourage you to stand in front of a mirror and smile a little forcedly. Surely sooner or later you will release the odd laugh!


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