Kombu (or Kombu seaweed) is a well-known therapeutic seaweed in China and Japan. Know what are the benefits and properties and how to use it in the kitchen easily, in order to enjoy all its qualities.

The Kombu or Haidai is an edible seaweed that has gained great prominence today due to the rise of Japanese cuisine. In fact, it should be noted that more than 90% of Kombu cultivation takes place in the Land of the Rising Sun, more specifically in the Hokkaidō region or also in some areas of the Seto Inland Sea.

We would have to go back to the year 797 to find the first traces of Kombu. At that time, it is estimated that it was taken completely raw through a very specific drying process  that allowed it to be preserved for long days without any problem.

Already in the middle of the Edo period, the consumption of this algae became popular throughout Japan until today even other ways of growing it have been discovered that allow it to be much easier and cheaper to produce.

What are the benefits of Kombu seaweed?

Now that you have known the origin and some curiosities of Kombu seaweed, below we are going to delve into its most important benefits with which you will be pleasantly surprised.

Contains a multitude of minerals such as iodine

One of the most relevant properties of Kombu is that it is a seaweed very rich in iodine, a mineral that offers a series of advantages for our health that must be taken into account if taken in moderation. And among all of them, it should be noted that it is a component that accelerates our metabolism considerably.

For this reason, there are many people who decide to introduce them into their diets to lose weight or simply to take care of their line in a completely healthy and natural way.

It is very rich in alginic acid

This is undoubtedly another of the benefits to keep in mind when consuming Kombu. And it is that this algae is an inexhaustible source of what is known as alginic acid, a compound that, like fiber, acts as a natural purifier of our entire stomach and eliminates all toxins that are concentrated in our intestine.

It is also very beneficial for our intestinal flora and helps treat diarrhea, constipation and even hemorrhoids.

Helps treat osteoporosis

It should be noted that Kombu is also very rich in calcium and magnesium. These two minerals turn out to be the most beneficial for strengthening our bones.

And in fact, its consumption is highly recommended to all those who suffer from  osteoporosis. It should also be taken by those women who are in an advanced stage of pregnancy since it favors the development of the fetus.

It is very beneficial for the heart

Finally, we will emphasize that this algae contains a type of fiber called fucan that prevents the formation of thrombi and blockages in the main veins and arteries that directly carry the heart.

Therefore, we do not need to tell you that people who suffer from high cholesterol or who are simply prone to heart attacks should take Kombu.

Some ideas for Kombu in the kitchen

We will proceed to close this article to tell you about the different ways to take Kombu and not die trying since the texture of this type of food is not entirely pleasant for our palate. Especially if we take it completely raw.

  • They can be taken in rich salads. It is possible to mix a little Kombu with some cucumber slices and sesame seeds to which we will give the final touch with a little soy sauce.
  • Fully fried. Although it is not a completely healthy option, it will help you to enhance its flavor and give it a much crunchier texture.
  • Cooked in stews and soups. Finally, you can make a rich miso soup where one of the main ingredients will be this seaweed, which you can accompany with a couple of pieces of tofu.

Kombu properties, in summary

Here we summarize some of the most important benefits and properties of Kombu:

  • It is a great cleanser of the body, thanks to its content in alginic acid.
  • It lowers the rate of sugar in the blood, as well as it is very beneficial to fight hypertension.
  • It contains amino acids that act as stimulants of both the lymphatic system and the mucous membranes, and it is capable of strengthening the intestine, in which it facilitates the absorption of nutrients.
  • Its consumption is highly recommended in cases of both obesity and weight deficiency, as it helps to regain body weight.


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