Properties of the kola and the most important benefits of the tree whose seeds, known as cola nut, make the popular cola drinks.

With the popular name of kola, or simply called the cola nut, we find a tree belonging to the Malvaceae family, originally from both Central America and Africa, and scientifically known as Cola acuminata.

It is a tree with flowers in the form of clusters. Its recognized and popular seed is obtained from various species of coaters, being well known in Africa, where this tree originates.  Today it is grown especially in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast.

In the rest of the countries, it is known mainly due to the commercialization of cola drinks, for whose production, incidentally, a part of its extract is used. In fact, an extract used in the production of certain soft drinks is produced from the cola nut, especially due to its high caffeine content.

In fact, in the seed we find alkaloids, essentially theobromine and caffeine, which have stimulating properties, which make it more frequently used as a sexual stimulant in Africa.

In addition, kola grains are used in case of physical, mental and intellectual fatigue, as they are exciting.

Therefore, it becomes an excellent supplement when we have to prepare for exams or need to work more than normal. Of course, it is advisable to always consult with our doctor, to avoid possible contraindications or undesirable side effects.

The most important benefits of kola

Gentle and natural stimulant

Kola seeds or kola nut are recognized – and popular – for their  tremendous stimulating action on the central nervous system, but although this stimulating effect (due to its caffeine content) is in a certain sense comparable with other equally stimulating drinks such as In the case of coffee or tea, it actually provides a somewhat smoother action.

This quality is due to the fact that the kola nut releases caffeine more slowly, also lengthening the elimination time of caffeine. Therefore, its effect is slightly milder, compared to coffee.

However, when it is associated with other substances with xanthan bases (guanine, adenine, uric acid and hypoxanthine), it tends to enhance its exciting effect.

In any case it is useful in case of asthenia, fatigue and convalescence.

Sexual stimulant

Although less known for this quality, the ancient indigenous people consumed the kola nut for its benefits as an aphrodisiac and as a sexual stimulant.

We find this quality especially due to its caffeine and theobromine content (in the same way that, for example, dark chocolate is also considered a natural aphrodisiac).

Useful in cases of exhaustion

As we indicated in a previous section, the kola nut is useful in case of fatigue and exhaustion, but not only in case of physical fatigue, but also intellectual.

For example, it helps prevent mental fatigue, improving attention and concentration.

The properties of the kola nut, in summary

Precisely for everything indicated up to now, we can indicate that the kola is ideal as:

  • Stimulating in cases of convalescence, asthenia, and fatigue.
  • Sexual stimulant.
  • Exciting in cases of physical and intellectual exhaustion.
  • In cases of overweight and obesity.
  • Avoid mental fatigue.
  • Rejuvenating tonic.
  • Beneficial for the nervous system.

Kola contraindications

Its consumption in large doses should be avoided, especially because although it is considered a rejuvenating tonic for the nervous system, in these cases it acts as a nervous depressant.

Its consumption is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and especially in people with a nervous temperament and cardiovascular conditions.


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