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Kidneys and ovary pain

What is the relationship between the kidneys and ovarian pain? The truth is that, sometimes, kidney pain can appear together with ovarian pain. Find out why

The kidneys are fundamental organs in the process of both detoxification and purification of our body, mainly for something fundamental: they are responsible for the elimination of those toxins and waste that our body does not need.

Among their main functions, they become in fact one of the main filters of our blood, which purify it by retaining what our body, can take advantage of, and eliminating only what the body must discard through urine. For this reason, it is always appropriate to know how to purify the kidneys, since purifying these organs at least once a year allows us to purify, clean and care for them naturally.

As you surely know, the kidneys consist of a pair of organs with the shape or appearance of beans or snap beans. They have a size similar to that of a closed fist (about 13 centimeters long and 8 centimeters wide). And we find them in the back of the abdominal cavity, located just above the waist. In the case of the right kidney, it rests under the liver, while the left kidney rests under the diaphragm.

When we talk about kidney pain, and especially ovarian pain, we must keep in mind that both discomforts can actually be related, although it is necessary to be clear about something: there is no such thing as ovarian pain, since they are organs that have no sensitivity, not really causing pain, and they are related to certain imbalances related especially to the female reproductive system.

Symptoms of kidney and ovarian pain

The annoyances caused by both problems are actually quite clear and defined:

  • Sensation of pain in the ovaries: the lower abdomen usually hurts, just below the navel and pelvis region. This pain can be temporary, acute or chronic (which will depend on the cause that has caused its appearance). Cramps may appear in the belly, or a sensation of pricks at the height of the ovaries, on one of the two sides of the belly.
  • In the case of kidney pain, the discomfort is usually felt especially in the lower back area, and especially above the waist, where they are located.

What are your causes?

In many cases when a woman suffers from pain in the ovaries, these discomforts also tend to radiate to the kidneys. For example, it is common for those women who suffer from painful ovulations, among the different discomforts that appear, we also find pain in the kidneys.

For this reason, it is always important to go quickly to a gynecologist when the pain is very intense, or when it does not disappear over the days.

We can distinguish the following causes:

  • Bad postures: It is the most common and frequent cause. As you can imagine, it is not a pain related to a problem or disease of the kidneys, but due to a bad position, either when sitting or carrying too much weight on the back.
  • Menstrual pain: It is one of the most frequent causes, which appears due to the action of prostaglandin (a substance that causes contractions of the uterine muscles).
  • Painful ovulation: Unlike the discomfort that occurs during menstruation, some women also experience pain in the middle of the ovulation cycle.
  • Ectopic pregnancy: This is a type of pathological pregnancy, which develops outside the uterine cavity, because the embryonic egg does not migrate to the uterus and is located in the fallopian tubes.
  • PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: is a sexually transmitted disease that causes dangerous inflammation of the reproductive organs. If not treated early, it can cause infertility.

Is kidney and ovary pain a symptom of pregnancy?

In addition to the fact that ectopic pregnancy can cause pain in the kidneys and ovaries, it is common to wonder if a pregnancy that is normal and without problems can also cause these aches and pains.

The truth is that, on the one hand, kidney pain is very common in pregnancy. In fact, it is not usually a pain that is directly related to problems or diseases in the kidneys, but to other discomforts located in nearby areas and that could be much more vulnerable during pregnancy, such as the pelvis or the back.

On the other hand,  ovarian pain is also common during pregnancy, especially during the first weeks of pregnancy, being quite similar to the pain that is usually felt when menstruation comes.

Of course, although these pains are common and frequent,  it is not normal for the pain to be very strong and be accompanied by bleeding. In this case, we may find ourselves facing a symptom of  spontaneous abortion  (or also of ectopic pregnancy), and it is advisable to go to the doctor quickly.

What to do when kidney and ovary pain appears?

The most appropriate thing is to always go to your doctor, who (if he is a family doctor, or a general or private family doctor), will refer you to the most appropriate specialist, mainly a gynecologist.

If, for example, the discomfort is due to menstruation, you can opt for natural infusions that help calm the pain: cinnamon infusion, chamomile infusion and evening primrose infusion stand out. You can also apply heat to the belly area, for example using hot packs.

How to relieve ovarian and kidney pain:

If the pain of both the ovaries and the kidneys is not too strong, we must take into account what is the cause that has caused its appearance to enjoy an adequate treatment.

In case of pregnancy, these are common discomforts. Of course, as long as the pain is not very strong or accompanied by other alarming symptoms, such as bleeding, for example.

It is helpful  to apply heat or cold to the area. Although it is true that there are no studies that have confirmed its effectiveness, the truth is that many women with kidney and ovarian pain say they feel some relief when they apply it.

It is also useful  to avoid standing or sitting in the same position for a long time, and to retrain our posture, especially when sitting down, in order to avoid arching the spine excessively.


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