Discover some useful natural tips and recommendations to prevent hiatal hernia, and to reduce its symptoms in case you already have it.

Suffering from hiatal hernia is not always synonymous with having to undergo surgery.  However, there are cases that deserve it and many people are not willing to go through that trauma.

If you want to avoid reaching that extreme, you can find an ally in some natural advice that will keep you out of this disease that affects about 20% of the world’s population.

Start by eating better: Factors such as obesity and smoking directly influence the appearance of hiatus hernia. So the first thing we should consider is improving our eating habits.

Doctors suggest incorporating more and more foods that have alkaline components, including vegetables, greens, fruits and soy. If you can wean yourself off saturated fat, alcohol, and coffee, your stomach will thank you.

You must work to improve your digestive process because this disease focuses on your stomach and abdomen, so it’s time to pay attention to what you consume.

Natural tips to prevent hiatal hernia

How much you eat:

Although it is essential to take care of what you consume, it is no less important to have control of the times you eat.

Doctors recommend that food be eaten no less than five times a day, taking into account the three main meals, a snack in the middle of the morning and another in the middle of the afternoon.

Never rush to eat, because if you eat too fast and without chewing properly, this can affect your digestion process.

Get enough rest

As a practical tip to maintain health, rest always stands out. If you have time to take naps in the afternoon or sleep eight hours a day, you will be preventing this condition.

They recommend that your bed have at least 10 degrees of incline between the headboard and the mattress so that you don’t put as much pressure on your abdomen.

Consume aloe Vera

Scientists have discovered that aloe Vera or aloe Vera has great diuretic and analgesic properties, making it perfect for treating diseases related to the gastrointestinal system.

For hiatus hernias it is fantastic and can be taken in juices linked with some other fruit.

Take natural infusions

Chamomile flowers, or rosemary and sage leaves are great for attacking stomach problems. You just have to prepare a tea with the plants, water and let the preparation rest after it boils. You can take it as a complement to the water you drink daily without any problem.

Reduce acids

Also with the help of infusions it is possible to reduce the gases and acids that our body normally produces. Laurel, basil, calendula and elm are some of the plants that are used for this purpose, and infusions can also be prepared.

In the case of calendula, there is also the option of preparing oil and using it as a massager for the abdominal area in case of pain or irregular contractions. This practice is recommended to be done at least twice a day with the oil a little hot.

Useful and appropriate exercises

If you already have a hiatal hernia, there is an exercise that is recommended to get your stomach back into place. The theory is that the person drinks a full glass of water, and then tries to go down and up a small surface (a step or a wall).

It is presumed that by performing this exercise, the stomach will return to its normal position, that is, it will recede and fall into its natural cavity.

Other simple tips for hiatal hernia prevention

In addition, it is important to avoid spicy foods, eat large portions, eat heavy foods after 6 p.m., and reduce the consumption of alcohol or tobacco.

Doctors recommend that once you have eaten, you walk to prevent the stomach from swelling and thus stimulate the digestion process. Also, water and fiber will help you a lot in this.

It is important that you know that these recommendations are not strict and that it is ideal that a specialist doctor be the one who prescribes them. Never take medication or make decisions without consulting someone specialized.

Health is vital for our lives and it is in our hands to keep ourselves in optimal conditions and enjoy it.


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