Purifying juices are useful to purify our body and our organism in a completely natural, easy and simple way. Find out which are the best.

Many health specialists agree that purifying our body at least once a year becomes essential – and recommended – when it comes to protecting and caring for our health.

In this sense, for example, it can be useful to know how to cleanse the liver or cleanse the kidneys. Although it is true that if what you want is to purify the body in a general way, there are really useful purifying juices for this.

Whenever we can, in order to maintain a healthy and healthy life, it is necessary to purify our body, because it will help us eliminate the excesses in our body, as well as the  different toxins that are found in it.

As we will see both below and in the near future, there are various ways to purify our body, which range from a temporary diet rich in fruit and vegetables (which should last only a few days), or through purifying juices .

Today we are dealing with a series of vegetable juices that, in addition to being a powerful source of energy, will help us balance body fluids, by increasing the purifying capacity of our body itself.

Cleansing juices to eliminate toxins

Grapefruit juice, rich in vitamin C

It has a bitter substance that exerts a clearly favorable action on the liver, helping digestion to activate, and eliminating fluids.

It has a high percentage of vitamin C, minerals, and essential vitamins, which will normalize the metabolic process.

Advice to take it: It should be taken on an empty stomach, up to a total of five. From these moments the dose should be lowered at the rate of one glass per day.

White cabbage juice, with a high percentage of chlorophyll

It is rich in chlorophyll, which is why it favors the production of both hemoglobin and urine. Helps to heal intestinal mucous membranes, regenerating cells.

Of course, to increase and promote remineralization, it is recommended to take it with carrot and turnip juice.

Advice for taking it: Half a glass before lunch and dinner, for a month.

Celery juice, great stimulator of the kidneys

This juice is a great stimulator of the liver, kidneys and lungs, as well as being an excellent tonic for the nervous system and the adrenal glands responsible for regulating the stress response.

Advice for taking it: Take it between meals, combined with apple or carrot.


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