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Is it okay to share headphones or earphones?

If you regularly share your headphones with someone else, it may not be as recommended as you think. You can share earwax (in addition to dead skin cells and bacteria) with her.

We have all done it on occasion: we are listening to our favorite song on our mobile phone or digital tablet, and suddenly we want to share it with our friend or partner, leaving our headphones. Is this entirely adequate, and above all, is it hygienic? Would there be a problem for sharing our music headphones?

Possibly it is a question that you have asked yourself at some point, especially if you tend to worry if, this very banal and simple habit, can suppose -or not- some kind of problem for the health of your ears.

As you surely know, our ears contain wax (crewmen), which is manufactured in the external auditory canal by special glands and very slowly reaches the opening of the ear – where it becomes more visible – through the ear canal. External.

But not just earwax. We can also find bacteria and dead skin cells, which tend to accumulate not only in the ear, but also in the headphones that we wear every time we use them, since they tend to become impregnated with both dead cells and their own. Bacteria themselves.

Since each person has their own bacterial flora present in the ear wax, which is unique and lives in almost perfect balance until the moment we share the headphones, since we are also sharing this microbial flora with the person whom lend them.

In addition, headphones (especially when you use them for a long time) tend to trap moisture and heat in the ear, so that bacteria grow and multiply much higher.

Specifically, different scientific studies have been able to show that both headphones and earphones tend to cause bacteria to accumulate in the ears up to 11 times more!

Due to this accumulated heat and humidity, the ears end up becoming ideal candidates for contracting bacterial and fungal infections, especially if you not only use them by yourself, but also share them with others.

So what can I do if I want to borrow the headphones?

Just because it’s not suitable doesn’t mean you can’t share them. Of course, as long as you clean they well before doing it. How? Very simple: you can clean them carefully with the help of a little alcohol and a clean cloth cloth, but without overdoing it, since using a large amount will end up damaging them and causing them to not work.

If the headphones are made of silicone, which makes them more likely to retain a greater amount of earwax, you can remove the pan and place them in a glass with alcohol diluted with water, for 4 or 5 minutes.


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