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Insulin resistance: what it is, causes and symptoms

Insulin resistance (also known as insulin resistance or insulin resistance) is a very com mon disorder. Know its symptoms to know if you have it.

Insulin resistance has become a very common pathology for a couple of decades. It is characterized by the inability of our body to synthesize the insulin produced by the pancreas through its beta cells. Remember that this component is responsible for controlling blood glucose levels.

It is also responsible for carrying glucose to all our muscles and joints, since it is one of the most basic forms of energy that our body produces.

If the person in question has a clear resistance to insulin, it is irremediable that it stops doing its main function through the entire liver and fatty tissues.

As a consequence, what is called “hyperinsulinism” occurs, a condition that, as its name indicates, is characterized by the overproduction of insulin, something that later translates into other more serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes or dyslipidemia.

 Causes of insulin resistance

There is no clear cause that is directly related to this pathology. Although there are a number of risk factors that must be taken into account and that we will relate from these lines:

  • More common in women with menopause. Although it is also possible to appear in men, it is those menopausal women who are more likely to suffer from insulin resistance due to the decrease in estrogen in their body.
  • Diet rich in sugars and saturated fats. Numerous nutritional studies have linked insulin resistance to a poor diet. On the other hand, it has been shown that the Mediterranean diet could even prevent symptoms.
  • Sedentarylife. A sedentary life can also translate into other serious diseases such as obesity, a disease that is also closely related to insulin resistance.
  • Genetic abnormalities. It is possible that there are some genetic abnormalities in the pancreas that cause a malfunction of this organ.
  • Now that we have known the causes of insulin resistance, let’s talk about the symptoms that could be behind this problem.

Symptoms of insulin resistance or insulin resistance

  • In the first place, because this source of energy is not capable of reaching the body’s tissues, as this causes the person in question to suffer from generalized fatigue.
  • Likewise, a significant weight gain may indicate that insulin resistance is occurring.  Finally, it should also be noted that the increased need to drink, also known in the medical field as “polydipsia”, can mean that blood glucose levels are somewhat higher than average.

What treatment can stop insulin resistance?

Just when we begin to suffer from the first symptoms of insulin resistance, the best thing to do is go to the family doctor so that he can give us a very specific treatment. Although in the meantime, you can do the following:

  • Healthy and balanced diet. A healthy diet rich in all kinds of nutrients will significantly help insulin resistance. Among all of them, it is worth highlighting olive oil, a substance with antioxidant agents and that can also prevent other conditions such as diabetes.
  • Exercise and daily sport. A constant and daily physical activity will also prevent the person from suffering from insulin resistance and therefore other more serious conditions such as obesity.
  • Very specific drugs. Such as metformin, glitziness, eventide, and liraglutide. Although to ingest them it is best to contact a specialized doctor.


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