Emotion and MindHugging is caressing the soul of a person

Hugging is caressing the soul of a person

There is nothing more sincere than giving a hug. With it we transmit love, empathy, sincerity … And it is the best way of saying that we love the other person.

“It is said that every time we hug someone with pleasure, we gain a day of life.” With this phrase from the writer, one can very well summarize how beneficial it is to both give and receive a hug from time to time. And it is that putting a loved one in our arms when they are having a bad time, can be a most rewarding experience.

Would you like to know why? Well then you have no other option but to continue reading us. Surely when you finish doing it, you will join a habit as healthy as hugging a loved one at least once a day.

It is the best way to relieve someone without words

How many times have we tried to relieve a friend or loved one without success? We try to be the most empathetic, dedicate the best words to them but despite all the effort we do not get any results. First of all, we have to tell you that this is the most normal thing in the world. From the beginning it is very difficult for that person to start feeling good overnight.

And therefore, one of the best ways to alleviate all that vital anguish is through a simple hug. When words don’t work, it’s best to go for physical contact. Something that we can achieve simply with a hug. So when that person is broken in tears, one way to make them feel a little better is to simply put them in your arms and tell them that we will always reach out to support and understand them. Surely in the short term you will make him feel a little better.

Great way to show our feelings

It is useless if we say to our partner, for example, that we love her and love her a lot if later this is not accompanied by facts. And how can we achieve this? Well, through the simple physical contact that we can make with a hug. It must be said that hugging is also a great way to strengthen ties with any of our loved ones and show them how much we love them.

In this sense, from Natursan we strongly recommend that you join this trend of giving hugs. You cannot imagine how great it is when it comes to settling any type of discussion or problem that may have arisen between our friends, partner or any member of our family. And long live love!

Reduce stress and worries

Numerous scientific studies show that receiving hugs from our loved ones stimulates what is known as “oxythicin”, a kind of neurotransmitter found in the limbic system of our brain (the most emotional), something that causes us to feel happier, with the consequent reduction of stress and anxiety that this implies. It should also be noted that hugging reduces blood pressure levels and regulates heart rate.

In fact, it is more than proven that all those couples who hug each other assiduously are the ones who enjoy a much fuller and more lasting relationship in every way. So if you are going through a somewhat delicate loving moment with your boyfriend / girlfriend, wife or husband, from here we invite you to embrace her again with more force than ever and surely sooner or later she will thank you greatly.

Afterwards, you just have to change the roles and be the ones who receive the hugs. In this way, we are sure that you will turn hugs into a kind of routine that will make you much happier people.

And it is that as we have been saying throughout the article, receiving hugs can become a kind of “healthy drug” that we can abuse what we want with our loved ones and that will make us feel phenomenal. And you? Are you going to hug each other?


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