Did you know that you can increase your self-esteem easily and simply, and thus work on those points that make you have low self-esteem? Find out how to upload it quickly.

There are days when we wake up not wanting to absolutely want anything. For no apparent reason, we find that our self-esteem has dropped considerably since the day before. Sometimes an incorrect rest can cause a feeling of apathy and a certain sadness to invade us the next day that often fades a bit when midmorning arrives.

In this sense, there is a simple but effective formula to boost our self-esteem that will only take about five minutes if we do it on a daily and constant basis. You do not believe it? Well, then we will tell you how you should carry it out.

You will only need a mirror

This technique is one of the simplest that you will find online. You do not need a prior technique or read a book about psychology or inner peace for long hours. In many articles we have told you about happiness is something that we can achieve by ourselves. And you are not going to be less, right? In fact, do you know how you can increase the wonderful hormones of happiness?

Therefore, to start with this method you just have to stand in front of the mirror. It does not matter if it is the one in your own room, living room or bathroom. Just make sure that you reflect well on it and are able to catch a glimpse of your beautiful face.

And what to do next? Well just smile. Try to install an ear-to-ear smile all over your face. And if it’s in the morning, much better. That moment where we feel somewhat apathetic and without wanting anything. It may be very difficult at first to smile at such early hours.

But if we “trick” the brain with a smile, it is sure that it will be forced to release hormones of happiness, even in small amounts.

Repeat this process for three minutes. And never decay. It is normal that during the whole process you want to yawn or lower your eyelids. But you are still there in your endeavor. Take a good look in the mirror with a wide smile. It can even be somewhat forced, nothing happens. This would give a somewhat comical point to the matter and it will surely help you to get a loud laugh out of yourself.

It’s time to boost your self-esteem

Now that you have had a good binge of “laughter therapy”, then you have to give yourself a good boost of self-esteem in a very simple way. So it is time to get a little more serious to realize the amount of goodness and virtue that is inside us.

Therefore, you will have to spend the next two minutes saying only “nice things”. They don’t have to be love-related or overly romantic.

They must be related above all to your personality and that they serve above all to strengthen your self-esteem. Here it depends a bit on how each person is. But here are some ideas:

  • I’m strong!
  • Nothing will stop me!
  • I am handsome!
  • I can get anything I set my mind to!
  • I have friends and family who appreciate me!
  • If I fall, then I get up!
  • I’m no better than anyone, no one is better than me.

These are some proposals that we propose you so that you can enhance all your self-esteem in a very simple way. We are sure that five minutes later, surely at least you feel a little better and thus face the day with much more optimism.

Best of all, it will hardly take your time and you can put it into practice every morning without any problem. And you? Do you join this magnificent idea to be a little happier? We would love to read the results you have been achieving!


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