After an exhausting day, possibly of hard work, comes one of the most uncomfortable moments of the day: the moment when you have to start your day-to-day beauty routine and clean your makeup. Wet wipes, cleansing wipes, water-based or oil-based cleansing lotions, infant oil for babies… Although there are many options, for some years micellar water has become one of the most innovative and popular options, until now. point that, today, many women have a container in their homes.

As we have already explained to you at some point, micellar water is a liquid cleaning product that contains small molecules of micelles, which are easily soluble in water and can attract dirt. Thus, when we apply it to the skin, it is possible to more easily remove excess oil (sebum), makeup and dirt.

The micelles basically consist of useful molecules to attract both the sebum and the dirt that has accumulated on the skin of the face, helping to isolate it and transport it through water to finally remove it from the skin easily, quickly and especially simple. Thus, the micelles act as emulsifiers, which means that they offer the possibility of dissolving those compounds that are insoluble, being useful not only to cleanse the skin in depth, but also to moisturize and tone it.

It becomes, therefore, an excellent make-up remover, so that being a little more natural and not containing alcohol, it does not irritate the skin. However, with some makeups it may not be as effective, although it is also useful with waterproof makeups, being effective for dirt particles that are both water-soluble and oil-soluble.

Although it is true that, due to popularity, micellar water is currently very fashionable, that does not mean that after a while it will end up in oblivion (as in fact it has happened with other cosmetic or beauty products). And it is fundamentally for something very special: it acts as a cleanser, make-up remover, toner and is even capable of moisturizing the skin, so it becomes a wonderful investment, which also does not cost as much as you might think.

To gently remove your makeup

Although in the past it could become something quite arduous, uncomfortable and heavy, nowadays removing your makeup after a hard day at work (or after a party, after arriving home in the wee hours of the morning), does not have to continue being a fight.

On the contrary, micellar water becomes an excellent makeup remover, mainly because it gently cleanses and removes makeup from both the eyes and the face, and all in a single step.

The small micelles help to eliminate the different residues that remain on the skin, while  refreshing the face. In addition, it does not irritate it, mainly because it does not contain alcohol, so regardless of how many times you apply it, it does not sting or sting, so it can also be used safely around the eyes. Of course, it is not advisable to use it in excess, nor for prolonged periods of time. The reason is that since some micellar waters contain oil, they can increase the risk of eye irritation.

To cleanse your face

Even if you don’t have makeup on your face, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your micellar water daily, in the same way that you would any other cleansing product that you use every day in your hygiene and beauty routine.

Why? Because micellar water can also be used to cleanse the skin on your face, thus becoming an excellent option to wash your skin lightly and lightly. In addition, as we mentioned in the previous section, it is refreshing and easy to apply, not leaving the skin oily as is the case with other make-up remover products or other facial cleansers.

On the other hand, it has such an extremely delicate and interesting moisturizing and nourishing effect that after applying it, it will not be necessary to remove it with water (or rinse). Of course, everything will depend on the type of makeup you have on. Thus, if you wear a lot of makeup, or when you have a greasy type of makeup, it is best to first use a good makeup remover product, and then use micellar water.

The same would happen with the lips: in the case of having used a lipstick with a greasy or very greasy tendency, it is appropriate to use a special make-up remover.

To tone the skin

It is also perfectly possible to use micellar water as a skin toner, thanks to the fact that it extracts all the oil -sebum- and dirt that we could find on the surface of the skin, while helping to cleanse the pores in depth.

If you have ever used it, you may have already discovered how its appearance and texture are similar to water, thanks to its light formula. However, its properties make it a wonderful cleansing agent for the skin, but without those ingredients that other toners usually contain, which often end up removing all the oil from the face.

To apply it and enjoy these qualities as a toner, after cleaning your face with the product you have chosen, you only have to soak a cotton ball with micellar water, and cover the entire skin gently.

To moisturize and refresh the skin

Whenever you need to cleanse, hydrate and refresh your skin anywhere, and above all quickly, micellar water can become an option as useful as it is ideal, since it can be used quickly and in a matter of seconds. And, in addition, it is not necessary to rinse your face with water to remove it from the skin.

In fact, it is always interesting to have a small bottle in your bag, since being refreshing and acting as a wonderful cleanser, you can enjoy its qualities at any time, whenever you need it.

To disinfect your hands

Do you have dry, irritated and/or cracked hands? If you have a disinfectant product in your handbag, it is very likely that it is due to its regular and daily use, especially if it is alcohol-based. Why? Very simple: alcohol can dry out or irritate the skin, and it is enough to simply use it several times on successive days.

Thus, micellar water becomes a wonderful alternative to clean our hands if necessary. All you have to do is pour a little into the palm of your hands and rub them in, without rinsing them (i.e. letting them air dry).

To clean makeup brushes

Did you know that it is also possible to use micellar water to clean makeup brushes? Being a product designed to remove dirt and oil, it is especially useful not only when applying it to the skin, but also to remove any build-up and residue on makeup brushes.

The truth is that doing it is really simple. You just have to moisten the bristles of the brush or brush, first running the tips under warm water (but without wetting the splint). Then apply a small amount of micellar water on the bristles and roll it in the palm of your hand.  To finish, run the bristles again under warm water.

To clean makeup mistakes

Although it is a step similar or similar to the section in which we told you that one of the fundamental uses of micellar water is to remove makeup from the skin of the face, the reality is that it is also very useful to remove or clean some makeup mistakes, which, as you may have already seen, are characterized by being quite common.

And it is that instead of having to wash your entire face again, you will only have to apply a little micellar water with the help of a cotton ball or a brush, and remove the makeup only in the parts to be removed, before continuing beautifying. your face.

For before or after the gym (or playing sports)

The small bottles of micellar water are ideal to take with you everywhere, including not only the handbag, but also the gym bag or the carry-on travel suitcase.

In fact, instead of bottles, you can opt for micellar water wipes, which are ideal, for example, to use after the gym, on days of heat or excessive sweat, when you need to cleanse your facial skin and -also- refresh it. In addition, they are extremely easy to use, and your skin will quickly look clean, fresh and light, without having to rinse it under water.

Other extremely interesting benefits of micellar water

In addition to the ways of using micellar water that we have mentioned in the previous sections, the truth is that it also provides other extremely interesting qualities, so its implementation within any skin care routine is always recommended. As long as, yes, it is a hypoallergenic micellar water, without alcohol and with the least possible number of chemical substances.

It is excellent for all skin types

Thanks to its enormous versatility, and its qualities as a gentle cleanser, it is suitable for almost any skin type, regardless of whether we have normal skin, oily skin or dry or parched skin.

In fact, it is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin, and even for those with certain skin conditions and conditions, such as could be the case of atopic skin, atopic dermatitis or eczema, or even rosacea, since it does not contain ingredients that They can end up irritating the skin, such as the presence of alcohols, certain chemical substances and soaps.

Interesting if you have certain skin conditions

Especially, if you usually avoid certain make-up removers and skin cleansers because you suffer from some type of condition or skin condition, the truth is that you can use micellar water even if you have any of the following skin problems:

  • Atopic skin, atopic dermatitis or eczema. It consists of one of the most common types of eczema. It often appears with characteristic symptoms, such as an itchy red rash or rash, especially on the legs, cheeks, and arms. It usually begins especially in childhood, particularly in the first six months of life. In addition, although it can decrease over the years, it is usually a type of long-lasting dermatitis, which can improve or worsen, the appearance of outbreaks being common in adulthood (especially from adolescence).
  • Rosacea. It is a chronic skin disease, the cause of which is unknown. One of the most characteristic symptoms is the formation of small reddish lumps, filled with pus, which are usually present when an outbreak occurs. It usually affects especially the area of ​​the forehead, cheeks and nose. Flare-ups often occur in cycles, so it’s common to experience symptoms for a few weeks or months, then they’ll go away and may come back again.

In relation to the ingredients that we can find in micellar water, glycerin becomes one of the main compounds. According to some studies, glycerin has been shown to help reduce both skin irritation and inflammation, particularly when applied topically. Hence, micellar water is highly suitable for people with sensitive skin or those prone to irritation.

Useful in case of acne

By helping to keep the skin as clear as possible, micellar water becomes another interesting option for people with acne; and not only with this type of skin problem, but also with certain imperfections and, above all, with clogged or blocked pores.

We must remember that some skin conditions, such as acne, are often caused by the presence of clogged or blocked pores, which can become inflamed and end up turning into pimples.

Although it is true that, at least for the moment, the existing scientific research on the effects of micellar water is quite limited, different studies have found that a gentle facial cleansing (as occurs with micellar water itself), could help  improve acne and reduce the presence of blackheads.

Another quality is the way of application. In the case of micellar water in particular, it is enough to apply it using only a cotton pad or disc, which is characterized precisely by its smooth texture. Therefore, the need to use facial cloths or brushes, which could spread bacteria and germs, and worsen acne, is minimized or eliminated.

You can take it anywhere

In addition to all the aforementioned benefits of micellar water, we must bear in mind that it can help replace different products in the skin care routine, by acting as a make-up remover, facial cleanser and toner, which will help not only when it comes to reducing the amount of money that you usually invest in them, but also that its simplicity when using it makes the process much simpler.

But the most interesting thing if possible:  you can take it with you whenever you need it, thanks to the fact that you can find it in small jars or portable containers, ideal for always being available when you are on the go.

In addition, it is ideal for a double cleaning

Although we already talked about the qualities of double cleansing in another note, it is true that it offers interesting benefits for the skin. It is necessary to always wash your face at night, even if you haven’t applied makeup all day. As you know, our skin, every day, comes into contact with a huge number of different external aggressors, be it dust or environmental pollution itself.

In addition, it is also necessary to keep in mind the presence of our own oil or sebum secretions, which can end up clogging the pores and end up causing more problems. While you certainly don’t want to strip your skin, which will end up damaging its natural barrier function, you may want to remove all that dirt.

Now that the use of micellar water has increased dramatically, it should not be understood as a sole cleanser, since although it helps to remove much of the daily dirt and contaminants, it is essential to follow up with a proper cleaning at night.

This is where we find the importance of double cleansing, which ensures that we remove and eliminate everything correctly, while infusing the skin with other interesting active ingredients.

Thus, micellar water can become the first part of the double cleanse. For example, it can be used before facial cleanser, by removing make-up, dirt and other polluting elements completely and effectively, and then using any other cleanser that includes other active ingredients or peptides that also provide interesting additional benefits to the skin.

Did you know that it is also safe for babies?

One of the greatest qualities and advantages that micellar water offers is that most of the products that you can find currently available on the market are completely safe when used on the delicate skin of the baby. Thanks to its cleansing, softening and soothing qualities.

Of course, the fact that micellar water itself is suitable for baby’s skin does not mean that all brands or products are. Some micellar waters, especially those formulated specifically for use in adults, may contain certain harmful ingredients, or even alcohol, which can cause discomfort in the most sensitive skin, such as that of the baby. In fact, many newborns and some babies often have extremely dry or sensitive skin.

The same happens with certain micellar waters that may contain some strong chemicals in their composition, which are not safe for the little one either. This is the case of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a chemical substance with surface-active qualities, which although it is true that they are totally and completely safe for use in adults, in the case of young children can cause irritation to both the baby’s skin and delicate eyes.

In case you are looking for a perfect micellar water for babies, it is best to always opt for hypoallergenic micellar water without alcohol, which have been specially formulated for babies, with most ingredients of natural origin, and practically without chemical substances.

On the other hand, in the case of babies, the use of micellar water may be interesting in the following situations:

  • Daily hygiene routine. Although it is not so advisable to use it daily, it can be useful to use micellar water when you do not have time to follow the complete daily hygiene routine of the baby at a certain time. Of course, remember something fundamental: this product should not and cannot completely replace the child’s bathrooms, but it can become, on time, an effective substitute in some specific circumstances.
  • In case of dry skin or prone to atopic dermatitis. Whether your baby’s skin is a topic, or prone to eczema (atopic dermatitis), bathing your little one several times a day can end up removing the moisture naturally present in your little one’s skin. In these cases, micellar water can be useful in keeping the child’s skin perfectly clean between baths.  However, it is always recommended to moisturize and hydrate the skin properly, for better care.

And in the case of sensitive skin?

In the event that you have sensitive skin, and you want to use micellar water, it is essential that you look at the list of ingredients that you will find on the package. As with micellar water for baby skin, it is essential to opt for products that do not contain alcohol, since when applied to sensitive skin it can not only increase irritation and related symptoms (including the most annoying, such as swelling, itching, and redness). It also increases the risk of the skin becoming dry or parched.

The same goes for dry skin. Even though micellar water is especially suitable for those with sensitive and dry skin, products containing alcohol are not recommended, since we will end up drying it out even more.

Therefore, the most appropriate always -even if we do not have sensitive or dry skin- is to choose micellar water without alcohol, without fragrances, and that its content of chemical substances is as little as possible.

Is there any risk in the use of micellar water?

As we have discussed in a few moments, improper makeup removal, especially when using oil-based makeup removers, can end up encouraging increased bacterial growth, which becomes one of the many causes of skin dysfunction. Meibomian gland (also known medically as myopic gland dysfunction), a serious condition that causes damage, inflammation, and atrophy of the various sebaceous glands present in the eyelid.

Precisely when these sebaceous glands atrophy, and therefore are lost, the eyes can become too easily irritated, and it tends to be very common to feel them dry, red and with an uncomfortable gritty sensation (which, by the way, becomes in constant).

In this sense, a study, most of these symptoms (sensation of the presence of a foreign body, itching and redness) to the continuous and regular use  of eye make-up removers based on oil , especially when used for long periods of time.

In the case of micellar water, as we have also mentioned, we must bear in mind that micellar technology is based precisely on the use of oil molecules with cleaning qualities, which are suspended in purified or soft water. We must also mention the presence of certain preservatives, such as the one known as disodium EDTA, which is characterized in fact by being one of the most used. As has been shown, this preservative can be very irritating to the surface of the eye.

Therefore, the best -and only- way to avoid eye infections, the sensation of a foreign body in the eye, and ultimately any type of condition, such as the aforementioned myopic gland dysfunction, is to use an ophthalmologist -approved makeup remover formula that effectively removes eye makeup with a minimal presence of both oils and preservatives.

As many experts believe, the fundamental thing when cleaning mascara is to use a specific eye make-up remover (that is, one that has been specially designed and manufactured for this purpose), and then use the micellar water carefully, to finish cleaning it completely.

The biggest problem comes from the belief that micellar water is a product for almost practically everything. Especially in the case of oilier make-up, or after having applied an excess of product, although it can help to remove some make-up, it may be necessary to use a facial cleanser or a make-up wipe, in order to remove the heaviest cosmetic, or one that is waterproof.

The same is true for those with certain skin conditions who may require the use of additional skin care products to better address their specific needs.

In any case, and as we always recommend, remember that in case of doubt or concern, not only when using any skin product, but directly related to its care, the fundamental thing is to consult a dermatologist or a trusted health professional, who gives us the possibility of finding the routine that works best for us.


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