There is no doubt that the breasts are one of the parts of the female body that tend to worry most women. Above all, this concern tends to increase when the summer season approaches, especially with the arrival of the so-called bikini operation.

Sometimes, this concern only translates into the woman adopting a series of basic guidelines to take care of her breasts. But, in others, the concern can go further; even becoming an obsession or an element that causes low self-esteem (this especially occurs in women who want to have breast augmentation).

However, also at specific times in a woman’s life, it is advisable to know how to care for her breasts. For example, it is common for breasts to appear with stretch marks in pregnancy.

And we must not forget that every woman, especially when she reaches her fourth decade, should have routine mammograms to prevent the appearance of breast cancer.

Tips to take care of the breasts

One of the main guidelines that many women can take, even when they are young, is the use of moisturizing creams that help them have hydrated and smooth skin, and especially to prevent the appearance of possible stretch marks.

These stretch marks appear especially in pregnancy, where there is a natural increase in the volume of the breasts. Due to this, in this phase it is more than advisable to use specific creams for the gestation period.

These products must be applied every day. To do this, the woman should gently massage her breasts with circular movements directed from the base of the breasts towards the neck.

In addition to cosmological and natural creams, many women can also do some exercises that help strengthen their breasts.

One of these exercises consists of squatting with your arms outstretched, and doing 5 repetitions of 10 times each, rising and bending while stretching and picking your arms.

Do you plan to increase your breast?

One of the main concerns that can be found in the consultations of many of these professionals has to do with the breasts, and more specifically with breast augmentation.

Mainly, this is because, from a psychological point of view, many women try to increase their self-esteem in the physical acceptance of their body, starting with the breasts.

To solve this issue, mammoplasty is one of the safest and most appropriate treatments, as it consists of a simple surgery that consists of making a pocket with a minimal incision through which the prosthesis that will increase the breast will be inserted.

For this, a total of three types of incisions can be made, but since they are so small, in most cases they are hardly visible.

The treatment consists of the creation, directly under the breast tissue (or under the pectoral muscle), of a cavity where the prosthesis will be housed. Drainage tubes and a bandage are then placed, which are removed after a few days.

Of course, the intervention lasts from one to two hours, and the result is visible almost immediately.


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