Did you know that it is very easy to prevent, eliminate or remove the bad smell that onion and garlic leave on your fingers and hands when you cook them at home? We offer you some very useful tips.

If there are two tremendously powerful foods, full of benefits and incredible properties not only preventive but also curative, those are garlic and onion. It is quite likely that, in fact, we are faced with two of the foods with the most healing qualities thanks to their richness in different substances and protective compounds against a wide variety of diseases and conditions. What’s more, we could say that we find two powerful foods that are ideal for taking care of and protecting our health, especially when we consume them on a daily and regular basis.

Garlic is a species of plant known by the name of Allium sativa, which has a white bulb formed in turn by a head that is divided into segments, which from a more popular point of view are traditionally known as the name of cloves (garliccloves).

Among the most important qualities and benefits of garlic, we must highlight its ability to reduce and decrease high levels of fats in the blood (being useful to lower high levels of both cholesterol and triglycerides), it helps to lower blood pressure so It is ideal against high blood pressure, it acts as a very powerful natural antibiotic, being ideal for eliminating bacteria from the body and strengthening our immune system, and it is also a good intestinal disinfectant, acting as a totally natural antifungal.

In the case of the onion, we are faced with a wonderful underground bulb known by the name of Allium cape and which grows on the plant of the same name. Its origin is found in Asia, specifically since 6,000 BC, today there is a very wide range of varieties that are classified according to color, shape, size and uses.

Among the most interesting properties of onion we must mention that it is ideal for diabetes as it helps reduce high blood sugar levels, helps purify the blood by eliminating impurities present in it, is useful against constipation, is ideal in case of diarrhea and is also a good kidney detoxifier.

However, as surely you have already verified, especially if you tend to regularly consume garlic and onion (and also prepare them in the kitchen on a regular and daily basis), there is a common problem: they leave an uncomfortable smell on your hands, which influences that even hours after having repaired and cooked our fingers and hands continue to give off their aroma.

To avoid this there are some useful tricks that could be of great help. We will talk about them below:

  • Washing your hands quickly: Just when you have finished peeling and cutting both the garlic and the onion you should avoid touching or rubbing your hands, quickly placing your hands under the cold water stream, letting the water run for a few seconds on the skin.
  • With the help of a stainless steel spoon: After putting your hands under cold water, another useful option to eliminate the substances and compounds that cause bad odor is to use a spoon and rub it over the hands, passing it through all the fingers.
  •  With sodium bicarbonate: It has an almost wonderful ability to absorb odors naturally, hence it is also useful when it comes to avoiding the bad smell left by onion and garlic.  To achieve this, you just have to place a little baking soda in the palm of your hands and rub them very energetically, with special emphasis on the nails and fingers. To finish, rinse your hands with cold water.
  • With a piece of lemon: Lemon has an intense aroma, standing out in turn with wonderful cleansing qualities. You just have to cut a piece of fresh lemon and rub it over your fingers and hands, rubbing them vigorously.

These simple and easy-to-follow tricks will help you prevent the smell of onion and garlic from getting on your hands.


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