If you regularly suffer from ringing or ringing in the ears, the diet you follow can be of great help. Know what foods will be of great use to you.

The ringing in the ears or beeps are also known by the name of tinnitus and tinnitus.  Behind these ringing in the ears, a health problem may be hiding.

Among the health problems that could cause these symptoms are: wax plugs in the ears, ear infection, perforation in the eardrum, fluid in the ear, allergies, hearing loss, head trauma, cerebrovascular accidents in the brain, tumors, anemia, hypertension, cholesterol, poor circulation problems, obesity and diabetes mellitus.

The ringing in the ears can be of little or high intensity, when they are of little intensity it does not usually disturb the daily life of the person, on the other hand when they are intense they prevent the person from sleeping well.

When we notice that we have those uncomfortable and annoying buzzing or beeping in our ears, we must go to the doctor without delay so that he can make a timely review of the ears and prescribe the appropriate treatment for our case.

Natural tips to reduce or delay the appearance of tinnitus

When the problem of ringing could be related to high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, poor circulation, diet plays an important role in helping to reduce or delay the appearance of ringing in the ears.

Faced with problems of hypertension, high cholesterol and poor circulation or cardiovascular diseases, we must avoid saturated fats or bad fats such as sausages, industrial pastries, processed foods, salt, and consume blue fish, vegetables, fruits and vegetables more frequently. .

For cases in which the problem or cause is obesity, following the above advice is useful in addition to reducing the consumption of low-absorption carbohydrates, such as sweets and refined flours, opting for whole wheat flour, whole grains.

Some fruits are good for improving tinnitus or ringing in the ears for their properties, vitamins, for their content of polyphenols, bromelain which help reduce them. These fruits are pineapple and blueberries.

The pineapple contains bromelain helps digestion, is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant, helps the blood to flow more smoothly thus improving good circulation, and is anti – inflammatory, helps to repair tissues.

All these properties make pineapple beneficial for improving or preventing ringing in the ears.

The best way to enjoy all these properties is to take it in its natural form or make natural juices, it is also advisable to eat the stem of the pineapple since it is in that part of the pineapple where the bromelain is most concentrated.

The blueberries, those small and healthy fruits are antioxidants, rich in vitamin C, help us prevent cell aging, also contribute to stimulate and improve circulation. We can eat them naturally, fresh, in natural juice or as an infusion.

Other foods that help us improve ringing in the ears are:

  • Garlic and onions
  • Sesame seeds, sunflower.
  • The wheat germ.

Both garlic and onions provide us with the medicinal properties and benefits they contain, helping to lower cholesterol, improving blood circulation and preventing cell aging, and as we have previously highlighted, they are possible causes of the appearance of ringing in the ears.

So do not hesitate to accompany your salads with garlic and onion preferably raw to take better advantage of its properties.

In the case of wheat germ, we highlight that it is rich in minerals such as zinc and magnesium, minerals that help to improve the ringing that occurs in the ears, especially when there is some hearing loss with advanced age.

To benefit from the properties of wheat germ in these cases we can accompany milk and yogurts with a teaspoon of wheat germ.

With sunflower and sesame seeds we can accompany salads of both vegetables and vegetables or pasta.

These seeds are also rich in the minerals magnesium, zinc, and vitamins of group B.

Some herbs and medicinal plants help us to reduce, relieve, retain or improve ringing in the ears, such as chamomile and ginger root. Instead we must avoid the willow, and the meadowsweet.

With chamomile we can prepare an infusion and take it once a day while we have ringing in the ears.

With the ginger root we will do the same, we will prepare an infusion that we will also take once a day when we notice ringing in the ears.

As we have said before, in the first moments in which we notice ringing in the ears, we must go to the doctor to have a good check on the ears, look for the cause, and prescribe the appropriate treatment as well as the guidelines to follow.



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